Prototypes of Spined Legs

-- MicheleLanzetta? - 09 Jul 2004


Imitation of a spined insect leg. This commercial pin with 3 curved 200 micron pins attached to it, requires manual work, but no special skill for its realization. It is used to demonstrate the angle for a spine to hook on asperities. The tip also has good penetration ability. It is passive on one direction and active on the other one.


A large leg made of 1 mm diameter wire inserted in a long piece of soft (10A) Urethane has several 200 micron pins inserted. The Urethane has been coated with teflon to eliminate the adhesive effect and only evaluate the behaviour of spines. Due to the small size and high elongation of pins, they only support small load before bending. They hook very well on carpet, paper and fabric. Can act as a rear leg, for propulsion.
This is a fabrication prototype, pins are supposed to be attracted by the wire in contact with a magnet at one. It is then dipped in liquid Urethane. The desired angle to be achieved by centrifugal force and gravity (by rotating and inclinating the leg) before curing.

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