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Older but useful overview of SDM materials: CDR Biomimetics material.htm

Gloves, Popsicle sticks, paper towels, ziploc bags, cups:

  • Gloves: get them from the Physics store. Large or XL.
  • Popsicle sticks: get them from Target, Walmart, etc. Get tons of them because it sucks when we run out.
  • Ziploc bags: Costco, get several of the Economy 4-packs. Again it sucks when we run out.
  • Paper towels: from a bathroom near you, like in Building 530.
  • cups: we've started using the water cups that the Arrowhead guy brings, they're in the conference room in lab.

Yorker caps for bottles:

From United States Plastic Corporation:

  • Item # 60146 --- $0.82 Each --- 16oz Cylindrical Sample Bottle with a 28-400 Dispensing Cap -- what we pour the Vytaflexes into
  • Item # 66117 --- $0.21 Each --- 38/400 Yorker Spout Cap -- these fit on the Task 9 bottle tops

Ordering polymers:

To order polymers of the Smooth-On brand (e.g. Vytaflex), you should order from Reynolds Advanced Materials ( rather than the Smooth-On website ( because Reynolds has a store in Hollywood and it will come to Stanford really fast rather than having to be shipped across the country. The prices are pretty much the same.


Where we used to order polyurethane from a long time ago: Innovative Polymers,

End Mills

End Mills we currently use (all Carbide)

Here are the tools we currently order:

Order already-extended tools made by Harvey Tool (

End Type Diameter Length of Cut Overall Reach Harvey Part# Cost
SQ 0.062" ~= 1/16" 0.5" 1" 13662 $27.80
SQ 0.031" ~= 1/32" 0.155" 0.31" 13631 $28.40

These tools need to be ordered from Coast Tool ( or Western Tool ( or Shop Tools or other places that can be seen if you look at the Distributors part of the Harvey Tool web page. I'm not sure about the Western Tool website but I believe Aaron thought you could get mill bits from them. I also believe you have to call these places, you can't order from the websites.

Coast Tool - 2099 Edison Avenue San Leandro, CA 94577 Phone numbers: 510-569-1945, 800-966-8665. Fax: 510-569-2420

Source for tiny end mills and drills:

Where you can get tools that are NOT extended-length:

These are all part numbers for GARR tool, and they are NOT extended-length.

End Type Diameter Flute Length Series EDP# Cost
SQ 1/2" 2.0" 620M 41250 $40.92 as of 10/11/04
SQ 1/4" 1.5" 620M 41090 $19.36 as of 10/11/04
SQ 1/8" 1.0" 620M 41030 $14.35 as of 10/11/04
SQ 1/16" 0.25" 220M 11030 $7.26 as of 10/11/04
SQ 0.0312" 0.0938" 220M 11010 $7.84 as of 10/11/04
SQ 0.015" 0.0450" 220M 11600 $12.65
BALL 1/4" 1.5" 720M 43090 $21.60
BALL 1/8" 1.0" 720M 43030 $16.08
BALL 1/16" 0.25" 320M 16030 $8.92
BALL 0.0312" 0.0938" 320M 16010 $9.45

Local vendors:
Shop Tools Inc, 892 Commercial St, Palo Alto, CA 94303, (650) 494-8331, Note: doesn't keep Garr in stock!
To get tools "necked down" for longer reach, call Marcel 964-6188, tell him you work with Tom Hasler. It's better to just order the Harvey extended-length tools instead, however.

How to order a new block of wax

We order our wax blocks from Freeman Manufacturing and Supply Co., 12" x 12" x 6" high.

Here are some detailed instructions on how to use ORACLE and use a PO to purchase the wax blocks:

We buy our own wax, but others will make their own and use it in much different ways. Here are some links for wax ideas:

Bioact solvent for removing wax

See the older Biomimetics page for information on Bioact 280 and related products for removing wax. Bioact 280 is especially good for clearing wax from small cavities in complex SDM parts.

-- AlanAsbeck - 21 Jun 2008

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