Square One Update

  • CARMA has been demonstrated
    • new direction is to put a manipulator with sensors onto a Talon.
    • Very interested in the sensor from John, but really want to see it on a gripper ASAP.
  • NSF walker second prototype is in the works
    • Looking at where to use the sensing system. Maybe on the feet?
    • Both as an adaptive walk component and as a sensor for data collection (e.g. soil type, friction, etc)
    • Would 3-axis force sensing be adequate? better?
    • Does a pressure profile over a single foot give you useful information for either of those applications?
    • Would looking at the dynamic version of the capacitive sensors (John's been interested in) be appropriate? useful?

Next Steps

Square One wants something that can be mounted on their grippers ASAP. Will look into sending boards from our "stock" that will work for them.

  • Could be pieces from the Robotiq sensor suite
  • Maybe easier would be to cut-up and try to reuse the AD evaluation boards made previously.
Need to find out how they would like the data (hopefully just raw, either streaming or requested).

-- BarrettHeyneman - 12 Oct 2010

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