From stanford

Sensor Updates

  • Board with 8 cells in process, should be ready fairly soon.
  • 4-cells per "finger"
  • possibly used during a stand-alone demo
  • Could drop down to about 25^2mm area

Control Software

  • Basic (no force-feedback) grasps working
  • Next step is to verify grasp quality based on sensor feedback
  • Then move on to continuous updates to perform the grasp refinement

From Square One

  • Have gone to a smaller gripper, more like needle-nose pliers
  • Keep on with the 1"x2" sensor pad
  • Probably move to a more integrated design with the "needle-nose" gripper later.
  • Probably not ready to integrate the force-feedback based grasp-refinement for a few months
  • Stereo-vision
    • Interested in talking with Adam Leeper still

  • New motion control sofware written
    • Grasping via point-and-click method mostly implemented (?) like to get more info about this soon

  • Next gen frame walker will by hydraulic


  • 1"x2" sensor pad sent by June 15th
  • Status updates sent every other month, starting June 1st (simple emails are fine)

-- BarrettHeyneman - 18 May 2010

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