Updates from Square One


  • Manipulator has been built. Occupies roughly 1' cubed. Has linear range of travel of ~2" in all 3 directions
  • Controls and software are just now working (should be expecting some video from them soon)
  • Control is being run on a NI Compact RIO using RT LabView? .
  • Currently using a commercial parallel jaw gripper with some custom (interim) finger designs (should be sent to us soon)


  • Working on sensorized feet and the controls for walking
  • Initial design finished for the leg retraction/gripper deployment mechanism. Currently being manufactured.
  • Interested on our thoughts on sensor placement and the dynamic sensing with (or without) a hard nail.


First demo in February, with little integration on our part, next demo in June with the following tentative scenarios
  • Use Adam's hand with John's skin sensors. Static force sensing only
  • Pickup objects of various structural strength (ideally from aluminum block down to egg, but such a range isn't necessary)
  • "Interrogate" objects for refining initial localization and pose estimates. Perhaps full object mapping as bonus goal
  • Grasping with "gross" misalignment; where significant hand motions required to complete grasping.


Item Due
Photos of Adam's Hand ASAP
Progress Report 1/29
Updated tasks/milestones (with responsibilities 1/29
Version of Adam's Hand March-ish
Parallel gripper with static force sensing April-May-ish

-- BarrettHeyneman - 14 Jan 2010

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