Portable Haptics System Software

Our Portable Haptics System software development consists of two main components:
  1. Mobile Phone
  2. Microcontroller

Mobile Phone

We use Netbeans IDE to develop our Java MIDlet for a mobile phone. We use Java MIDP 2.0 standard for mobile compatibility. For communication between the phone and the microcontroller, we use Bluetooth 2.0. The mobile phone serves three main purposes:
  • Visual feedback display
  • Data storage using its micro SD card
  • Easy access to experiment setup


We develop our microcontroller software using Arduino IDE on Linux. The Arduino software is based on C/C++. This microcontroller mainly handles four things:
  • Acquire data via different sensors
  • Apply actuations
  • Compute and make control decision
  • Package data and transmit it to the phone for storage, display, and post-processing

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