the idea is for the ski guide to flop down. We need to figure out how to get it to release. We created this testbed with the spring to be used on the final design.

Hinge testbed

-- SamsonPhan - 19 Feb 2009

Tried solenoid

  • insufficient throw
  • very weak
  • lame

Bought car door motor. Characteristics:

  • +_ 01,2 V necessary to drive (forward, backward). Higher current,the faster it goes
  • Throw: ~0.75 in
  • If leave power on too long, no problem

Better to have small pin in big bolt hole (friction)

It works! check out the videos by clicking on the attachment button below. They require Quicktime to play.

-- SamsonPhan - 19 Feb 2009

Door lock motor tested by Alfred Frith

Dimensions: 2.5" by 5.5" (arm depressed) by 1.5"


Will require another H-bridge module from TA's, and we're allowed two total, each one can drive two motors, so we should be set

This is a DC-motor so to reverse, we need H-bridge

range of travel is: 5/8" (0.625").

Terminal resistance is 2.3 Ohms. So will draw almost 2 amps at 5v, and more than 4 amps at 12v

Runs fine at 5v or 12v. I think 5v is preferable because it seems sufficiently strong!

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