Perception of Skin Stretch and Friction

This project is being worked on by Stanford Ph.D. candidate, Suresh Sainath, with project collaborators Gunter Niemeyer, Mark Cutkosky, and William Provancher. The focus of this project is to investigate the effect on combining sensations of skin stretch (tactile) and friction (tactile and haptic) on the perception of friction and perhaps also texture. Skin stretch will be rendered via the ContactLocationDisplay device mounted on the end of a PHANToM haptic device made by Sensable Technologies.

Previous studies with the ContactLocationDisplay investigated the perception of object curvature and motion and used contact location feedback for haptic exploration (contour following).

The ContactLocationDisplay was attached to a PHANToM Premium 1.5, driven by a 6-axis Sensable amplifier (LunchBox) and interfaced via a Sensable PCI card with a Pentium III PC running RTai Linux.

Proposed experiment, protocal, and details?

-- WillP? - 20 Oct 200

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