Literature Review Guidelines (adapted from ME224 ~1990)

Organizational Meeting

  • Time = 10:00-11:00am on Thursdays
  • Location = CDR Bldg. 560 lobby -- possibly changing to MERL (Bldg. 02-660, 418 Panama Mall) 2nd floor conference room for next week.
  • CourseWork page set up -- Future readings will be posted here.

Present (click Printable view for copy & paste list):,,,,,,,

Schedule of Topics

  1. 12 April: Curt Salisbury on physiology
    • 1983_J_V_tins_DIST.pdf: Johansson and Valbo 1983
    • Note: Profs. Cutkosky, Niemeyer and Waldron will all be out of town at ICRA07 this week.
  2. 19 April: Samson on perception and psychophysics
  3. charles on palpation for surgical applications
    • See Coursework for papers
  4. karlin on classic tactile array
    • SolidMechanicsTactileSensing.pdf: Fearing and Howe, 1985
    • Tactile Sensing Mechanisms- International Journal of Robotics Research, Vol9 No3, June 1990: Fearing, pp3-23

  1. noe on some more recent tactile sensing stuff -- Japanese paper? Gel force?
3D stuff? What is the latest & greatest.

  1. Josh Oechslin
    • haptics rehab, stroke...
  2. Andrew Fahrland
    • tactile display (e.g. matrix, dynamic, electrotactile)

  1. Genny Pang
    • braille, skin stretch (Hayward - McGill? )

  1. Anant Vasudevan, Xiaoyang Shen
    • Colgate/Peshkin - Northwestern - cobots ==> subsequent developments

  1. David Jackson, Paul Nangeroni
    • ? TBD.

other topics:

  • Hong Tan (Purdue - vibration, saltation effect for orientation)

  • O'Mally (Rice U.)

  • texture sensing and display

-- MarkCutkosky - 05 Apr 2007

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