Outline for First Class (5 April 2005)

Course introduction, goals, policies

  • Introduce Cutkosky (slides), background and motivation for this course
    • ALCOA MOVED TO... CMU MOVED TO... Stanford Design Division MOVED TO... PISA (02) MOVED TO... Florence (05)
    • In Tuscany: Famous frescos, sculptures, bronze castings, architecture -- often by the same people. And machines and workshops to create such masterpieces by the same people too: Brunelleschi, Ghiberti, da Vinci, ... etc.
  • Introduce students. Take Photos? Start TWiki registration process
  • TWiki Introduction and registration requirements
  • Introduce course book and reader.
    • Get people used to taking notes (in TWiki) for the readings
  • Preview of coming attractions

Intro. to stability

  • Structures made from blocks.
  • Corbelled arches from pre-antiquity
    • An article: paper on Dominos (Sangwin2004).
    • Q: How far can a corbelled arch span? What is the limit? Why?
    • write other questions on board & be sure we answer them


(see BibliographyME122F for details on readings):
  • For Thurs April 7: get registered in TWiki
  • For April 7: read p 171-197 of (Gordon2003) in course reader.
  • For April 12,14 FirstNotebookItem
  • For April 12: read p 36-37, 46-59 of (Gordon2003) (in course reader); read p 225-242 of (Salvadori2002) in course reader.
  • For April 14: read Cha 1-6 of Brunelleschi's Dome (King2000).

-- MarkCutkosky - 04 Apr 2005

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