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  • Grading: Not Graded but mandatory for enrollment. Due: Before class, Thursday April 7.

Part I: Get registered on this Wiki.

1. IDEA! OK, before doing anything else you may want to make a printout of this page or open it up in second window that you can keep handy while marching through the following steps.

2. Click on Users in the yellow bar at the top of the page (all TWiki pages show this bar). You'll see a list of other registered users and a TWiki Registration link you can follow to register yourself. As soon as you click on The TWikiRegistration link, you'll be asked for a temporary name and password. Enter the ones given in class.

  • Your login name needs to be a WikiWord? The default is FirstnameLastname which will be suggested for you if you use the TAB key to jump through the entry form. Your password can be whatever you want. Make it easy to remember please, but for security you probably should NOT use the same password that you use for Axess and the Stanford network.

3. Email your new Wikiname to so I can add you to the BrunelleschiGroup? with write access on this web. I am also going to set up a course mailing list.

4. While waiting to get added to the BrunelleschiGroup? take some time to read the following pages that were set up for the ME310 Wiki. (You can do this while still logged in as NewMember? ).

  • Read AboutThisWiki?
  • Read WikiTips? -- you probaby want to bookmark this page until you've learned the basics of editing!

Part II: Start a Personal Notebook.

0. IDEA! If you didn't do it before, read WikiTips? before trying to complete Part II. Also check that your name is listed in BrunelleschiGroup? before trying to complete this part. (Did you remember to send me an email?)

1. Go to PersonalNotebookPagesME122F .

2. Click on Edit at the bottom and enter your Wikiname and password at the prompt. In the edit window, please add your name (Main.Wikiname) and the a wiki word that you would like to call your notebook by. You are welcome to use CutkoskyNotebook as a template for your own.

* If you do not get a request for name and password it means that a valid name & password are being cached by your computer. If you are not sure they're yours, it's best to cancel the edit and Logout and and go back to Step 1.
* If your name and login don't work please email me with what you think they are. Also check that you've been added to BrunelleschiGroup? .

3. After entering your Main. wikiname and the name of what will become your notebook, click on "Preview" and then "Save" your page. (Or go back and edit it again if you're not happy with it.) When the page is Saved, there will be a blue question mark at the end the new WikiWord? that you just created. If you click on the question mark, TWiki opens up a new edit window and invites you to create the page. That's how wikis work? !

If you get an error message on saving, just follow the instructions: use the "go back" button on your browser and Preview and Save again. This happens mostly with Internet Explorer... almost never with Safari.

In case of difficulties, you can always complete this assignment while logged in as NewMember? . Quit (kill) your browser to make it forget your name and password. Then restart it and log in as NewMember? with the password given in class. Your Notebook page will initially be owned by NewMember? but we can fix that.

About the Personal Notebook

On your Notebook page please include any information that you think it would be useful for me and your classmates to know. This should include:

  • What are you hoping to get out of ME122F? ? What is your interest in the subject?
  • What kinds of projects and topics (what kinds of Renaissance art, history, architecture, people, culture) are you most interested in?

It is suggested to date each new entry as in adding entries to a blog (twiki automatically inserts your name and date when you create a new page). Use the Notebook to keep a record of ideas, notes, scraps, observations, and your reflections on what it all means. You can easily save links by just pasting the URL into the page or using the [[URL][label]] syntax to be a bit more elegant. You can also attach electronic photos and other create a useful scrapbook of your investigations.

You will also be answering assigned questions and adding links to assignments in your notebook.

-- MarkCutkosky - 26 Dec 2004; Jan 4 2005 minor fix for Group permissions; March 28 updating for Spring.

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