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Course Text and Reader

(King2000) Brunelleschi's Dome: How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture

  • Author: King, Ross
  • Publisher: Penguin Books (paperback) 2000
  • Pages: approx. 200
  • Notes: Course text. A terrific book wether you are taking the course or not! (MarkCutkosky - 21 Dec 2004)

(Gordon2003) Structures or Why Things Don't Fall Down

  • Author Gordon, J.E.
  • Publisher (source, how published, date): Da Capo Press, 2nd edition, 2003
  • Pages
    • 36-37 Loading and deflection
    • 46-59 Stress and strain
    • 171-197 Walls, arches and dams
    • 210-244 The advantage of being a beam
  • Notes: Included in the Course Reader in the SU Bookstore (MarkCutkosky - 21 Dec 2004)

(Salvadori2002) Why Buildings Stand Up: the strength of architecture

  • Authors: Salvadori, M.
  • Publisher: W.W. Norton and Company, paperback edition 2002
  • Pages: 222-242 from Chapter 13: Domes
  • Notes: Included in the Course Reader in the SU Bookstore (MarkCutkosky - 21 Dec 2004)

(Gille1966) Engineers of the Renaissance

  • Authors: Gille, Bertrand
  • Publisher: MIT Press 1966 (out of print)
  • Pages:
    • 15-34 Chapter 1: The weight of tradition
    • 79-100 Chapter 4: The First Italian Generation
    • 101-120 Chapter 5: Francesco di Giorgio Martini
  • Notes: Included in the Course Reader in the SU Bookstore (MarkCutkosky - 21 March 2005)

(Prager1970) Brunelleschi: Studies of his Technology and Inventions

  • Authors: Prager, Frank D. and Scaglia G.
  • Publisher: MIT Press 1970 (out of print)
  • Pages:
    • 26-27 and 34-38 from Cha. 2: Brunelleschi's Masonry Work
    • 65-83 from Cha. 4: Drawings of Brunelleschian Machines
    • 85-109 from Cha 5: History of Brunelleschi's Machines
    • 111-123 from Cha 6: Brunelleschi as Patentee and Inventor
  • Notes: Included in the Course Reader in the SU Bookstore (MarkCutkosky - 21 Dec 2004)

Other Articles and Sources

(Fanelli 2004) Brunelleschi's Cupola, past and present of an architectural masterpiece

  • Authors: Giovanni Fanelli and Michele Fanelli
  • Publisher: Mandragora s.r.l., Firenze
  • Notes: Part I is by Giovanni and covers history, including construction of models, planning of the work, the aesthetics, etc. Part II by Michele covers the structural aspects. This part is very good and provides an in-depth complement to Ross King's book, although it is still written in terms that a fairly general audience -- certainly any engineering or architectural audience -- can easily understand. This book is at the Stanford Florence Center. -- MarkCutkosky 31 marzo, 2005

(Galluzzi 1999) The Art of Invention, Leonardo and the Renaissance Engineers

  • ISBN 88-09-01482-0
  • Authors: Paolo Galluzzi, ed.
  • Publisher: Museo di Storia della Scienza, Firenze
  • Notes: This book covers the traveling exhibition at Museo di Storia della Scienza and The Science Museum, London. There is an extensive preface and introduction by P. Galluzzi that covers some of the same territory as items found in PaoloGalluzziMaterials. Book is currently on the Reserve Materials shelf for ME-122F. -- MarkCutkosky 31 marzo, 2005

(Hardy2003) The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance

  • ISBN 0780646223
  • Authors: Hardy, Justin (Producer/Director)
  • Publisher: Warner Home Video, produced by Lion Television and PBS, 2003
  • Two tapes or 1 DVD, 220 minutes.
  • Notes: See MediciTapeNotes for more information

(Nasht1999) Fall of the Leaning Tower

  • Authors: Simon Nasht and Marco Visalberghi, producers
  • ISBN: 1578072085
  • Publisher: NOVA Television series, WGBH Boston Video 1999
  • Notes: See LeaningTowerTapeNotes for more information (MarkCutkosky - 27 Dec 2004)

(Peterson2002) Galileo's discovery of scaling laws

(Sangwin2004) All a Matter of Balance -- Or a Problem with Dominoes

(Shrady 2005) Tilt: A skewed history of the tower of Pisa

  • Author: Shrady, Nicholas
  • Publisher: Penguin Paperbacks 2005 (hardcover: Simon & Schuster 2003 -- in the Stanford Art & Architecture Library: ISBN 0743229266)
  • Notes: Lively, engaging and informative background on the history of Pisa, the political climate leading up to the decision to build the tower and the tower itself. -- MarkCutkosky 01-06-2005
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