Assignments for ME122F? Art of Engineering & Engineering of Art

Descriptions of the assignments in the course. (Also see ScheduleME122F for assigned readings and discussion topics and AssignmentFormatInstructions for general instructions on how to prepare assignments.)

  1. Register (Part I) and start your notebook (Part II) (for thurs April 7).
  2. Short Assignments
  3. MachineDesignTopics (under revision). Please see MachineDesignProject from ME21N? for general information about what I hope to accomplish. We will have to adapt to the constraints of being in Florence instead of the main Stanford Campus.
    • Likely first assignment = scavenger hunt for essential ingredients (pre-cut pieces of lengo, ed viti, ed altri cose dalla ferramenta). Actually, going into a traditional ferramenta and asking for stuff can be an interesting cultural experience...
    • Design, fabrication, testing
    • Documentation of the machine, what it is, how it works, etc.
  4. FinalReport122F

-- MarkCutkosky - 28 Mar 2005

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