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It is time to put this and related work in a new category for haptics

1.  Vision for Wearable Haptics

Humans are primarily dependent on visual sensory system for retrieving information from the environment. But as the amount of information flow to the user increases, visual display alone can be overwhelming, distracting, and obtrusive. By adding a haptic display, we can enhance and increase the information flow by delivering information to the users in a discreet, rapid, and reliable manner.

As seen in recent mobile devices, the demand for haptic interfaces is rising and haptics are on the way to becoming a ubiquitous method in delivering an enhanced user experience. We seek to find a wearable haptic solution that provides new channels for information, delivered in an intuitive an reliable way during everyday actitivies.

2.  Projects

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Gait Retraining

Gait Retraining: Gait retraining through real-time haptic feedback for medical applications such as knee osteoarthritis.

Virtual Pebble

Virtual Pebble: An alternative wearable haptic display that increases perception accuracy rate in a dynamic environment.

3.  What's New?

  • June 4 2012: Gait retraining featured on NSF's Science Nation
  • August 2, 2011: Presenting "Virtual Pebble: a Haptic State Display for Pedestrians" at RO-MAN 2011 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

4.  Publications

(from HapticsPublications)

Publications before 2011 are listed on:


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Conference Proceedings

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