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MR-Compatible Instrumented Tools

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Needle deflections occur in almost all tissues.
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Optical fibers can be used to create MR-compatible tools such as biopsy needles for performing MR-guided interventions. For example, fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors are small (micron-scale), immune to electromagnetic interference, and can sense strains down to a pico-strain. They can be used to enhance minimally invasive image-guided procedures by sensing tool shapes, forces, and temperatures.

Force sensing needle

A Tip force sensing needle provides useful information during image-guided insertion of tools through various membranes during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

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Shape sensing needle

A 3D shape-sensing needle allows interventional radiologists to know the trajectory and profile of their flexible tools in real-time, allowing manipulation of the tool towards its intended target.

MR-compatible passive manipulator

A passive master/slave manipulator enables remote trans-perineal needle placement into the prostate or other pelvic structures under direct MR guidance by a physician.

Steerable needle

Active needle design with SMA actuator and flexible section

A steerable active needle provides the direct control capability of needle tip orientation, with which the needle effectively makes a detour to avoid prohibited areas or to follow a new trajectory. Optical actuation schemes make the needle MR-compatible, so that it can reduce the number of biopsy trials to reach a target precisely.

The active needle also includes optical sensors within the thin needle to measure its curvature and temperatue change for the closed loop control.

The target organ for this active needle is currently human prostate, stiffer than liver, and the needle's behavior will be investigated inside the fabricated tissue phantoms satisfying mechanical or thermal requirements.

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