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Week 1

Tuesday, June 27th

Looks like the wedges I machined yesterday might have been a little funky. The highest surface on the mold shows marks that look like they came from an endmill. This could be evidence that one of the planing operations didn't remove enough material. Capella says she's going to cast some PDMS in it anyways and see how it turns out.

Also, a little bit more clarification today on what my role will be over the summer. It looks like I might get a chance to work on building a quadrotor with Drew. Pretty excited about that! Maybe I can get to apply some of the controls topics I learned last quarter.

Monday, June 26th*

First day! It seems like the gecko adhesives are in very high demand. I spent some time showing Peggy and Kat how to mount a blade in the blade mount today, and realized that itís a pretty big bottleneck in the process. It would be interesting to try to streamline that process, maybe by having something that accepts the blade and uses the clamping force produced when re-assembling the mount to align it against precisely manufactured guides.

4:00PM: Finished machining some wedges for Capella. Hopefully they're up to scratch!

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