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Adhesive Climbing

Projects under this research category include:

  • Directional, controllable adhesives and manufacturing methods for creating them.
  • MicroTugs -- Tiny robots able to pull 100x body weight up a wall, or 2000x body weight along the ground!
  • Human Climbing depends on efficiently scaling the adhesives so that large loads are evenly distributed over large areas.
  • AdhesionNASA for space applications
  • Stickybot III developments, including new ankle and foot designs for greater maximum adhesion on smooth and micro-rough surfaces
  • AdhesiveSurfaceGrasping -- Grasping walls and ceilings using opposed directional adhesives and grasping surfaces like solar panels on space debris
  • Tendon-inspired mechanism which passively aligns adhesives and evenly distributes loads to the entire surface of the adhesive.
  • GeckoAdhesionMeasurements -- How well do geckos distribute their adhesive forces? What can we learn from the systems they employ at the macroscopic scale?

* Climbing with wet adhesion

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Spines and Microspines

On rough surfaces, the best technology continues to be the microspine mechanisms originally developed in this lab in 2004-2005. The spine technology has continued to evolve through collborations with several other groups:

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