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2014: End of Summer

After a couple of years, it's on again.

When: 19-21 Sept

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Possible itinerary:

  • Depart not later than 09:00 Fri. Return Monday late afternoon or evening
  • Friday: Drive to somewhere 4-5 hours. Eat some food; gear up; gentle backpack to 1st location to get altitude adjusted
    • Need to allow time to stop at ranger station (1st come, 1st served permits)
  • Saturday: Go somewhere a bit more isolated but not too far to get back on Monday?
  • Sunday: Shed the packs and do a peak or a lake?
  • Monday: pack out & head home


2Sept2014 MRC: I am inclining toward Hoover because (i) more dramatic (ii) more sparse vegetation so less risk of forest fires.


The outdoor center is closed for this weekend, so we need to find gear on our own

Mark the Younger: I can contribute:

  • sleeping pad(s)
  • sleeping bag(s)
  • backpacking stove & fuel
  • lots of water carrying capacity (~8 liters)

I need:

  • a spot in a tent (but I'm down to sleep under the stars too)

Mark the Elder: Can contribute:

  • sleeping pad(s) -- 3 or 4 spares
  • backpacking stove and various cookware, plates, etc.
  • water filter
  • Extra 2 person tent (old school)
  • Extra backpack (old school)

Matt Can contribute:

  • Water filter
  • small stove fuel
  • Shovel for outdoors bathroom
  • Compact .75 L pot for cooking

I need:

  • Sleeping pad
  • Tent (not opposed to sleeping outdoors)

Natalie Not sure if I can come or not- will see how the ankle's doing! Will have all my own gear; will be able to donate sleeping pad + bag if I'm not coming.

Eric I don't think I'll make it, but I can contribute:

  • 3-person tent
  • winter/backpacking sleeping bag
  • summer sleeping bag
  • camping mattresses

2012 End of summer

We went to the Trinity Alps north of San Francisco in the high coastal range.

23August updates:

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