New Xerox Phaser 3450DN Printer Installation

UPDATED See HpLaserjetDriver -- new Hp Printer, same I.P. number June 2007 -mrc

To setup the new printer (for WinXP):

  1. Logon as admin to the computer.
  2. Go to chewie:
    • \\chewie\users\Software\Xerox 3450DN Printer Drivers\PS
    • Run "setup.exe"
  3. Printer's IP Address is the same as for the old printer:, the installation program will hopefully find it and ask you if you want to install "(Xerox Phaser 3450) at". If not, add a TCP/IP printer port via the Printers and Faxes control panel...

For Macs, the printer drivers are also on chewie:

  • \\chewie\users\Software\Xerox 3450DN Printer Drivers\Mac

If you feel the need for Xerox documentation, it too is on Chewie:

  • \\chewie\users\Software\Xerox 3450DN Printer Drivers\Docs

REMOVE THE CONNECTION TO THE OLD JarJar PRINTER. It'll still print, but not correctly since you'd be using the wrong driver.

TIP To access the backup printer (Jarjar Backup - HP 4M Plus)

Reconfigure OLD Jarjar or Install a new printer with the following settings:
  • Local Printer -> TCP/IP port
  • IP: (using the IP for benkenobi)
  • Model: HP Laserjet 4M Plus
  • Name: Jarjar Backup (does not really matter)


-- JonathanKarpick - 27 Oct 2004

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Toner Cartridges for Xerox Phaser 3450DN Printer

Buy them on the Oracle iProcurement from the "main store" for about $25 cheaper than from other online stores

(#106R00687 standard cartridge will print 5,000 pages, #106R00688 high yield cartridge will print 10,000 pages for about 50% more cost)
Buy them on the Oracle iProcurement from the "main store" for about $25 cheaper than from other online stores

Compare prices for cartridges on Dealtime

HIGH CAPACITY PRINT CARTRIDGE,PHASER3450 <br\> Category: ZWA Goods, Supplier: EN POINTE TECHNOLOGIES <br\> Supplier Item: 106R00688, Manufacturer: XEROX CORP. Manufacturer Item: 106R00688, Price: $173.39

Cartridges at Dell

Toner cartridge at Gateway site (same price as Dell)

Printer Maintenance

  • ~Summer 2005 - Gear failure required sending entire printer to service facility
  • 09/23/05 - Fuser failure: Called Xerox support and they sent a new fuser. New fuser was installed and old one was sent back. (Printer still under warranty)
  • Feb 2006 - Replaced toner again
  • 03/08/06 - Fuser failure: TBD (Fuser part #5 failed - heater?)
    • Warranty info: here (Expired 10/25/05)
    • Fuser replacement had 90 day warranty (same for new)

-- WillP? - 04 Jan 2005

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