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TWiki 's Rise web The web for users, groups and offices. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2011 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki Powered by TWiki .Rise WebPreferences TWiki .Rise Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the TWiki .Rise web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences ... (last changed by SanjayDastoor) 2011-07-08T19:09:47Z SanjayDastoor HighResolutionImages Where to find good pictures The following pictures may be copied provided that attribution of the source is provided: R. Cutkosky, Stanford University Center for ... (last changed by MarkCutkosky) 2011-05-24T22:13:55Z MarkCutkosky StickyBotIII Stickybot III in front of the in Peterson high resolution version Stickybot III What's new? Frequently Asked Questions Videos on NOVA: Making ... (last changed by MarkCutkosky) 2011-05-24T21:52:41Z MarkCutkosky StickyBot Stickybot from inside MERL StickyBot what's new? Microscope video of version 1 stalks attaching to a thin strip without normal preload. For the latest hierarchical ... (last changed by MarkCutkosky) 2011-02-11T19:48:20Z MarkCutkosky LegPlatformDevelopment MarkCutkosky 01 Aug 2003 MarkCutkosky 14 Aug 2003: Added Anchors for Inchworm, Four bar concepts, Lego Guy and Lego Guy Plus in the text below MarkCutkosky ... (last changed by MarkCutkosky) 2011-01-23T01:52:00Z MarkCutkosky SB3GaitEncoding 1 Run the StickybotGaitDesigner.m file (talk to JohnUlmen for directions on how to) 1 Open the SB3/Embedded/GestureBuilder/ using your favorite file management ... (last changed by SalomonTrujillo) 2011-01-21T21:49:40Z SalomonTrujillo RisePlatform RiSE Platform Description The Rise Platform is an early prototype of the Robot from Boston Dynamics, developed by the RiSEConsortiumMembers. The robot is a hexapod ... (last changed by MarkCutkosky) 2010-12-31T07:58:01Z MarkCutkosky RiSEConsortiumMembers RiSE Consortium The RiSE Consortium was a collaboration among several robotics and biology groups to create novel, bio inspired climbing robots. The main project page ... (last changed by MarkCutkosky) 2010-12-31T07:51:37Z MarkCutkosky SB3_15DEC2010 Stickybot III Videoclips with H4 suspension adhesives 15 December, 2010 JohnUlmen, ElliotHawkes and MarkCutkosky Format: HD (1080p, Windows Media .wmv) Directory ... (last changed by MarkCutkosky) 2010-12-16T06:08:56Z MarkCutkosky PartridgeThrust The idea of using wings as a solution to climbing walls is based on research done by Dial on wing assisted incline running a natural behavior exhibited by chukar partridges ... (last changed by MarkCutkosky) 2010-09-05T23:54:37Z MarkCutkosky FlightlessWings MarkCutkosky 18 Jul 2003: Birds (and dinosaurs?) using wings to help in climbing See TiffanyCard 's PartridgeThrust pages for more up to date stuff Also ... (last changed by MarkCutkosky) 2010-09-05T23:54:06Z MarkCutkosky HumanClimbing ref.html many links from Full's lab Biegert, J. 1963. The evaluation of characteristics of the skull, hands, and feet ... (last changed by SanjayDastoor) 2010-08-23T07:55:02Z SanjayDastoor SB3FAQ Fequently Asked Questions Last updated June 21, 2010 What surfaces can Stickybot III climb? The smoother the surface is, the easier Stickybot III can climb it. As ... (last changed by SalomonTrujillo) 2010-08-07T18:29:00Z SalomonTrujillo WebMap (last changed by DanAukes) 2010-07-31T07:47:53Z DanAukes WillP Name: William Provancher Email: wil #64; Company Name: Company URL: Location: StanfordOffice Country ... (last changed by DanAukes) 2010-07-31T00:59:29Z DanAukes WebLeftBar " warn "off"}% Publications People Contact Calendar Climbing Robot Topics RiSE platforms Foot Design Sensing Simulation Shape Deposition ... (last changed by DanAukes) 2010-07-31T00:59:29Z DanAukes

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