Visitor Information

Location and Access

  • BDML is in Room 132, Mechanical Engineering Laboratories (MERL), Bldg. 02-660, 418 Panama Mall.
  • The building can be accessed from either the pedestrian Panama Mall or Santa Theresa St. The Panama Mall door is open during business hours. Call the lab phone (650-723-4258) if you need somebody to let you in.

Maps and Directions

  • The building is identified as "Mechanical Engineering Laboratory" on the clickable campus map,
    • or see image from Google Maps at bottom of this page.
  • For driving and parking directions see the CDR Visitors Page. (CDR is in Bldg. 560, adjacent to MERL on Panama Mall.)

Public Transportation

  • For people coming from Palo Alto or Caltrain, the Marguerite Free Shuttle is a convenient way to get to the lab.
    • Take the A line and get off at Main Oval or take the B line and get off at Terman.

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-- MarkCutkosky - 17 March 2006


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