Notes Relating to the Test Track (at all stages)

Arachi Simulation Environment (recap)

To start the Arachi simulation environment, rather than running a gait on physical hardware
  • Find a machine w/a working RoboDevel tree (updating optional)
    • Need to have proper environments setup and have a compilable tree
    • See RoboDevel/README.txt for an overview
  • Develop and successfully compile gaits/code to be tested
  • Establish 2 terminal windows
    • In window #1, Go to RoboDevel/RiSE/Operator (starts the control GUI)
      • Type ./ 3000 localhost
      • NOTE: For physical robot control, insert the robot IP rather than localhost, and skip the following step
    • In window #2, Go to RoboDevel/RiSE/Supervisor (starts the simulation)
      • Type ./
  • Test new code or gaits using the GUI

General Software Notes

  • Backing up RoboDevel tree
    • Generally just copy entire dir to another location (generally about 250MB)
    • My backups are kept at ~/Backup (on TheDarkSide)
    • Environment settings are only occasionally backed up
  • Updating RoboDevel tree
    • From the directory above RoboDevel
      • Type cvs co RoboDevel to get the tree structure (all directories & files, dont know if if checks for changes), places stuff in current dir
      • Type cvs update -d to just update the checked out files (in the current dir?)
    • From the Robodevel dir: make clean, make all
  • LORDVADER backups (burned to CD): 07/01/04,01/26/05
    • From the login folder, type: tar -cvf Vader20050126.tar . to get main stuff
    • More notes on Vader - BackupNotes.txt

Hardware Notes

Here's a short list of items and source that may be needed for the platform (courtesy of Aaron @ BDI)
Item Notes/Vendor
Battery charger Needs to be NiMH for current platform and LiPo for next generation
Schulze ISL 6-330d from Dymond Modelsports in San Diego $199
Rope 1/8" Nylon cord (40lb) from Home Depot $2
Safety clasp Small spring caribiner $2 & small threaded loops $3
Crossover ethernet cable Fry's $9 for 14' (NOT Straight thru ethernet)
Small Allen keys Sizes: 2mm, 1.5mm, 0.89mm (harder to find, but probably floating around lab)
OSH sells individual keys
Home Depot, OSH and Fry's have sets w/2mm & 1.5mm
Small retaining ring pliers For 3mm shaft - OSH has decent tool ($24) with swappable tips (can make our own)
Small vertical hand press (Optional) Digikey # 502PV-ND Pana press $120

-- AMcClung? - 26 Jan 2005

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