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Notes on OS installation

These are just some random notes on installing OS since I recently realized that I dont have any general notes on this.

Dual boot (Win & Linux)

  • Partition drive for Win and Linux (dont format Linux side)
    • Or get 2 drives
    • NOTE: Full RH9 install is ~5GB
  • Install Windows first, othewise it will take over the drive and misplace your other OS (see bootpart.exe notes below to fix this)
  • Install Linux
    • Add a / partition in the free space (this will hold the entire file structure and everything beneath, so make it large enough - 'max allowable' setting is nice)
    • Add a swap partition in the free space (make this twice the size of the RAM)
    • Add any other partitions you desire (takes away from space available to /, and creates a division of the data)
    • Let it write the Linux GRUB boot loader to MBR (Master Boot Record) - I think this is the default
      • This will allow OS selection on bootup
    • Avoid the AFS passwd settings on 1st boot

NOTE: If you want to use the Windows boot loader and add an OS, use bootpart.exe to locate and add an OS to Windows boot loader options.

-- AMcClung? - 13 Oct 2005

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