Treys Latex Notes

This is just a list of notes that I find useful for dealing with Latex, Bibtex and Endnote.

MOVED TO... [30 Sept 08 -mrc] Building on Trey's notes with some new stuff

Useful packages for Miktex

  • TITLING for info on title, author, date
  • FANCYHDR for top and bottom headers
Get two-columns of figures, text, etc. in a one-column document Get Matlab plots into Latex (nicely)
  • Size the Matlab accordingly (seems to influence export size)
  • Using Acrobat 5 (on DARTHSIDOUS)
    • 'Save As' to a PDF
    • Open in Acrobat, and go to 'Document'->'Crop Pages' (Cntl+T)
    • Resize and save
  • Using Abode Distiller (on SITH)
    • Use Matlab 'Export Setup'
    • Change resolution if desired (under 'Rendering') ie. approx 300dpi
    • Click 'Export' then select EPS format
    • Use 'Open with' to send EPS file to distiller
    • Distiller will give PDF (may need to adjust Distiller settings?)
Add a horizontal line for separation
  • Use the following format:
Add vertical space for separation
  • Use the following format:
        \vspace{3 mm}
Create an approximate symbol: ~
  • Use the following format:
Export EndNote 6 to Bibtex format (for Latex use)
  1. To include Bibtex option: Edit->Output Styles->Open Style Manager->Select BibTex
  2. To get Bibtex output: Edit->Output Styles->BibTex
  3. Select the lower window mat'l (for single ref) OR export all
  4. Give the listing a label, followed by a comma
    • (MY) FORMAT: name.year, ie. full.00 (add a letter for same year papers, a-z)

-- AMcClung? - 23 Feb 2006

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