-- UlucSaranli? - 29 Aug 2003

This page outlines currently outstanding issues with RHexLib's interface to low level hardware components

  • The current implementation of the hardware abstraction in RHexLib is too centralized which makes the addition of new hardware components as well as the modification of existing ones rather difficult. We are in the process of minor modifications to the current scheme which promise to address this issue.

  • strace like functionality below the hardware interface would be very useful, although it is unclear whether this should be any different from what is provided by MMMessage style calls. Also, the overhead of associated logging and network traffic usually makes this type of logging useless because of its impact on real-time performance.

  • Our approach in abstracting low level hardware so far has been to identify everything that remains identical for both simulation and real hardware to be "above" the abstraction, and everything else to be "below". Even this is somewhat of a fuzzy line, but it is a principle that will maximize code reuse for different hardware instantiations. Note that "below" the hardware interface, there may be other levels of abstraction, which is up to the implementation of particular boards, communication protocols etc.

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