To avoid stall during bootup
- Removed sendmail from /etc/rc5.d
To access the CVS repository
- cvs -d ext:amcclung@
Get battery connector from Don (for charging)

Operation Overview
On Robot
Boot up the robot
Open a terminal window
Login to the robot
>>ssh -4 -1 rise@surise (cmurise,bdirise)
-remember: legs are better than wheels 100%
Change to supervisor directory
>>cd RoboDevel/RiSE/Supervisor
Change to root
Start the supervisor
>>./ -d

On the Laptop (OCU)
Open a terminal window
Change to the operator directory
>>cd RoboDevel/RiSE/Operator
Start the OCU GUI 
>>./ 3000 surise (cmurise,bdurise)
Click Connect on the GUI

Joystick operations
R1+A - Calibrate Mode
R1+Z - CustonGaitX Mode
L1+L2 - Start calibration
L1+(A,B,C,X,Y,Z) - Select group
A,B,C,X,Y,Z - Select gait
START button - Launch gait
Right joystick - Forward, Reverse, Left, Right, Stop (at rest)
Left joystick - Cruise control (Toggle on/off)
Throttle - speed of gait
L1+L2+R1+R2 (All 4 top together) - Emergency STOP (exits all modes)
Quit the supervisor to reread RC files
-legs may spaz outotherwise
Quit the OCU GUI when not in use
-it causes unnecessary network traffic
To exit a hung ssh session use "Enter~."

GaitBuilder Matlab Stuff
The scripts to build the gaits are located in RoboDevel/RiSE/Tools/Matlab/GaitScripts
The file to automate the RC build process are cgx_function (ie. cgx_climb)
The various versions are cgx_function_version (ie. cgx_climb_ripple_90)
-which build the param structure
-then use the base file to generate the RC files  
CustomGaitX add 3 phasing parameters (front-mid, mid-rear, left-right)

TODO @ Stanford (to make the old stack useful)
Miguel may need to replace the old RoboDevel tree to keep the stack
-YES-can we just rename the old tree and adjust the necessary variable to have one static tree (old stack) and one development tree (platform)
-this tree is backed up on THEDARKSIDE in /home/amcclung/Backup
-DONE-create a new user for the old stack (riseold)
-need to change the ownership to the new user
-need to recompile under new user

The max wing angle tendsto be 75-80 for the platform
-This is where the leg wing starts to run into the hall effect sensor

Basic Linux commands:
ls         list contents of current directory
pwd         present working directory: displays path of current directory
locate "program"   Finds executable
CTRL+ALT+arrow      Switch workspace
Shift+PgUp       Scroll up in terminal
find -name "filetofind" search for file name
rm "filetodelete"   delete file
cd          change to home directory   
cd..         move up one directory
cd "newdirectory"   change to new directory
"programtoopen"      start program
"programtoopen"&   start program but keep ability to use terminal
"program" "file"   open file using specified program
CTRL+c         kill process

Store .rc files in ~/RoboDevel/RiSE/Demo/Config/default/su_gaits (or cmu_gaits)

CVS stuff:

To do a global update (i.e. when getting the file structure for the first time):
cvs co RoboDevel

To do a local update (will update the current directory and everything below it):
cvs update

Add a new file (or directory) to CVS:
cvs add filename

Commit changes in a file to the CVS:
cvs commit -m"comment" filename

View cvs:

-- AMcClung? - 14 Feb 2005

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