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The James Bond's climbing robot

  • starts going up to the wall using his four legs ==> his body of course is bullet-proof
  • the legs are shot ==> two more legs come out and it continues climbing faster than before
  • one leg is shot ==> it starts "jumping up" using the foot left
  • the last leg is shot ==> a lazo comes out and, of course, it catches to the top, going up faster than ever
  • the tether is shot, the robot starts falling ==> a parachute opens
  • the parachute is burnt down ==> it bounces on earth
  • bombs start exploding ==> wings come out and the robot flies away(*)
  • ... to be continued

-- MicheleLanzetta? - 25 Jul 2004

(*) Everybody think: why didn't it use wings from the beginning...

PS feel free to add any episode.

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