Electronics Notes

Accelerometer - Analog Devices ADXL202e
Analog devices has a great data sheet through this website: ADXL202e Website
Pages from my group's ME218c report about using the accelerometer as a tilt sensor (including C code) are attached.

PIC Controller
MicroChip's webpage has a ton of stuff on chip selection and development environments. I personally think that the slight expense of programming in C vs. assembly is well worth it.

Filtering IR Signals
I've done this a couple of ways - nothing has worked spectacularly.
Analog filtering with opamps works, but is usually touchy - especially when you're using cheap opamps (as I was).
Digital filtering is nice in theory, but the signal usually still requires some filtering prior to going into the processor, which takes you right back to opamps... Notes and code from my group's ME218b project attached.
I'm sure DSP chips offer a few more alternatives...

-- JonathanKarpick - 05 Aug 2004

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