-- AlRizzi? - 09 Sep 2003

-- DonCampbell? - 15 Sep 2003 -- some notes inserted

Some intial options for power amplifiers

LM18200 series of parts from National -- National motor Control Bridges

  • digital (3 wire) or analog interfaces
  • 3A continuous current
  • a bit large (15 pin TO-220 style)
  • integrated current sensing
  • up to 500KHz switching with external bootstrap caps
  • built in protection against overheat, undervoltage, overcurrent

TI Bridges -- TPIC0107 or TPIC0108

  • small 3A parts
  • simple digital interfaces (4 wires)
  • integrated open/short protection
  • no integarted current sense capability
  • these are rather "slow" -- 2kHz recomended max PWM freq


  • small PWM amps may work well for us -- SA07, SA50, or SA51.
  • SA50/51 are bigger TO-3 style
  • all have 50% duty cycle "feature" at zero command (Don says: called Locked anti-phase)
  • direct access to bridge for current sensing
  • SA07 includes extra goodies for building hardware current control
  • Don notes: 50/51 very sim; 50: analog input, no disable, two legs for current sense 51: pwm input, disable


  • A bipolar H-bridge with no control circuitry -- ZHB6790.pdf
  • small surface mount package -- 8 lead SOT223 measuring 7.3x6.7 mm
  • 2A continuous rating
  • Operates upto 40V supply
  • no integrated sensing capability
  • can be utilized to design current mode amplifier
  • demonstrates lower efficiency compared to FET H-bridges

Audio amplifiers

A few more options -- DonCampbell? - 10 Sep 2003

Infineon TLE 6209 R http://www.infineon.com/cmc_upload/documents/028/495/tle6209r_3.0_1.pdf

  • 6 A cont / 7 A peak integrated H-Bridge in 20-pin SOIC with metal slug heatsink
  • SPI compatible but requires external PWM in to control output
  • Current measurement and control possible, but not explicitly supported

  • AlRizzi - 13 Sep 2003- Might want to also consider the 5205 from these folks. I am not 100% sure what they are specing for operating freq for any of their parts

Allegro A3959 http://www.allegromicro.com/datafile/3959.pdf

  • 3 A cont DMOS Hbirdge with internal hysteresis current control in 24 pin SOIC
  • Requires analog current command signal
  • can also be PWMed

Motorola MC33887 http://e-www.motorola.com/files/analog/doc/data_sheet/MC33887.pdf

  • 5.2 A integrated HBridge with current feedback in 20 pin HSOP
  • Nice, but slow (20kHz)

ST Micro L6226 http://us.st.com/stonline/books/pdf/docs/9452.pdf

  • 2.8 A (pk) integrated HBridge in 24 pin SOIC (1.4A cont)
  • Dual full bridges, overcurrent detection, thermal protection
  • 100kHz max pwm freq
  • 8-52v supply

ST Micro L6203 http://us.st.com/stonline/books/pdf/docs/1373.pdf

  • 4A integrated HBridge, SO20 package
  • 100 kHz max pwm freq
  • 12-48v (36v nom.) supply.... 9-24 would probably be better

ST Micro L6205 http://us.st.com/stonline/books/pdf/docs/7616.pdf

  • 2.8A cont (5.6pk) integrated HBridge, SO20 package
  • 8-52v (48 nom.) supply
  • Dual full bridges, overcurrent detection, thermal protection, undervaoltage lockout
  • 100 kHz max pwm

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