A few links regarding parallel-chain haptic mechanisms

Some background on the origins of the Delta mechanism:

A Japanese version: http://www.space.mech.tohoku.ac.jp/research/haptic/haptic-e.html
(with Immersion Impulse Engine type spherical linkage for the wrist) -- includes short movie clip.

-- MarkCutkosky - 13 Sep 2004

The attached MS Word file (see below) is from notes by Dr. Chris Hasser (former Cutkosky Ph.D. student, former Immersion employee, now at Intuitive Surgical). It describes some work done to specify a motor for a mass-market haptics feedback device. The "low cost" motor with the large friction and cogging would be like your typical Mabuchi motor. The "expensive Swiss motor" would be your typical Maxon. The special motor with one ball bearing & etc. would be a Johnson Controls motor specified for the force feedback joystick.

MarkCutkosky - 17 Sep 2

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