EPGY Teaching Schedule for Summer 2008

Noe and I are co-teaching a course this summer for the EPGY program. Here's a list by day of when we will be teaching (i.e. not in lab). We might be out of the lab for other reasons, so this isn't any guarantee that you'll be able to find us.

Date 9am-12pm 1pm-4pm
6/26 Barrett Noe
6/27 Noe Barrett
6/30 Barrett Noe
7/01 Noe Barrett
7/02 Barrett Noe
7/03 Noe Barrett
7/04 Barrett Barrett
7/07 Barrett Barrett
7/08 Barrett Noe
7/09 Noe Barrett
7/10 Barrett Noe
7/11 Noe Barrett
7/14 Barrett Noe
7/15 Noe Barrett
7/16 Barrett Noe
7/17 Noe Noe
7/18 Noe Noe
7/21 Noe Noe
7/22 Barrett Noe
7/23 Noe Barrett
7/24 Barrett Noe
7/25 Noe Barrett
7/28 Barrett Noe
7/29 Noe Barrett
7/30 Barrett Noe
7/31 Noe Barrett
8/01 Barrett Noe
8/04 Noe Barrett
8/05 Barrett Noe
8/06 Noe Barrett
8/07 Barrett Noe
8/08 Noe Barrett

-- BarrettHeyneman - 25 Jun 2008

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