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LabView Instruction for adding more anolog inputs

Software - National Instruments (NI) LabView

  • Open "" file located in [F:\users\LabView]
    • OR any currently working VI file
  • 'Save As' preferred different name..
    • you don't want to mess up the working configuration
  • Find the 'Extra sensors' text box area in the block diagram
    • Emily also wrote some notes on this in the Test Track folder (ie. you may want to browse thru the folder 1st and for any future Test Track/LabView questions)
  • Copy sensor lines #5 or #6 to fit your new needs
  • Modify the new sensor line(s) # to fit the desired analog input pin
  • 'Add input' to combo element
    • This is the small rectangular block after the square sensor block
  • Modify new sensor lines in "Properties" of the Extra Sensors SGL
    • Adjust the number of plots to display
    • Adjust plot properties if desired (color, name, etc.)
To get the new sensor data save in the data file:
  • Add array and converter to Extra Sensors SGL output
    • This is the same as what comes from the force plate data (2 blocks) before it goes to the write data block
  • Add link from converted output to write file signal input

Hardware - SCB-68 Board pin connection

  • Most VI files seem to be configured to use differential analog input mode
    • This means that the analog pins are paired <i,i+8>, ie. AI3 and AI11, and the pin voltage difference is the data that is recorded by LabView
  • So, whatever pin you decide to use, you should GROUND the paired pin to get usable data

-- YongLaePark - 21 Jan 2005

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