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Hand with PCB's Integrated into Fingers

The BDML is involved in project with Kenneth Salisbury's group to produce a simple sensorized gripper. Specifically, the BDML is working to fabricate force sensors that surround the fingers of the hand. In principle, these sensors are almost identical to the capacitive sensor technology developed for the HSR (Human Safe Robotics) project. This page is used to store useful information about the project. order 10221, 11/05/09 (wrist, fingers, and sensors)

PCB Parts

Qty/Hand Description MFG Part Num Supplier Datasheet
12 SM 2x3 right angle header 2mm pitch 951250-4620-AR-PR Digi-key Datasheet
12 Dual PNP chip with biasing resistors DDA144EU-FDICT-ND Digi-key Datasheet
12 Dual Schmitt NAND SN74LVC2G132DCUR Digi-key Datasheet
16 2x3 header socket 2mm pitch SQT-103-01-L-D Digi-key Datasheet
4 Shift register CD74HCT164M Digi-key Datasheet
4 Power line capacitor 1uF 0603 EMK107BJ105KK-T Digi-key  
4 SM 6 position Picoblade socket 53261-0671 Digi-key Datasheet
4 6 position Picoblade plug 51021-0600 Digi-key Datasheet
1 SM 5 position Picoblade socket 53261-0571 Digi-key Datasheet
    538-53261-0571 Mouser  
1 5 position Picoblade plug 51021-0500 Digi-key Datasheet
6 SM 4 position Picoblade socket 53261-0471 Digi-key Datasheet
    538-53261-0471 Mouser  
6 4 position Picoblade plug 51021-0400 Digi-key Datasheet
53 Plug crimps 538-50058-8000 Mouser  
    WM1775-ND Digi-Key  
2 74HC14 hex Schmitt inverter MM74HCT14MX Digi-key Datasheet
24 470 kOhm Feedback resistor on sensor board MCR03EZPJ474 Digi-key Datasheet
4 33 kOhm encoder detector resistor MCR03EZPJ333 Digi-key  
1 330 Ohm pulse line resistor MCR03EZPJ331 Digi-key  
4 220 Ohm encoder illumination resistor MCR03EZPJ221 Digi-key  

CAM Files

Qty/Hand Description Zip File
1 Left finger
1 Right finger
1 Wrist processing board
12 Sensor board

Parts Under Consideration

Description Part Number Supplier Datasheet

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