-- SamsonPhan - 06 Apr 2009
  • Attempted to get material samples by using sharpened square. Failed because samples are much to distorted. Will have to mold samples instead.
  • Eliminated damping in steel components of model. Literature suggests damping in steel is minimal (<0.01)
  • Determined most model parameters. Need to get elastomer properties still. can only be obtained experimentally though,so holding that up.

-- SamsonPhan - 03 Apr 2009

  • Working Model created
    • lumped spring mass config (on Yoda/Sphan/IFOS/catheter_model.w2d)
    • flexbeam model (Yoda/Sphan/IFOS/catheter_model_beam.w2d )
    • Need characteristics from YL to make model mor eaccurate
  • Dr. Ellen Kuhl
    • doing finite modelling of heart and getting material characteristics
    • initial stages currently.

-- SamsonPhan - 02 Apr 2009

  • 3 DOF lumped model created (pg 152 in notes).

To Do:

  • Model in Working model (pg 154 in notes)
  • Try to model in CoSMOS?
    • install Solidworks
  • Do material testing
    • pick up square tube for sample extraction
    • coordinate with James re: time
    • followup with Kuhl

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