-- DharmaTamm - 25 Jun 2009

Week 0 June 14-19

This week I came in early to get started on my summer research. I met the other people in the lab, and began working. The first day I cleaned all of the leftover wax out of the Haas and learned how to use it to run G-code. I also helped clean the mess left from last quarter in MERL 126. Later in the week Dan Aukes and went over ProE and he showed me how to run it. The wide plane program had been deleted so we made another. I found a setting that allows for multiple passes so I also wrote programs for 10mm, 30mm, and 50mm.

Week 1 June 22-26

Monday- I wrote a section on the twiki about how to edit the ProE section that I wrote in this section it shows people how to modify wide plane to be able to take off as much material as they want with only one program. I also met with Matt and we decided to work on stickybot 3:the revenge of sticykbot together.

Tuesday: We have decided on a few prototypes and have built one out of foamcore. I have also created models on Solidworks and will laser cut the parts out of plywood. We also learned about heirarchy and poured a batch of the directional adhesive.

Wednesday- I build the prototype out of the the plywood Mat designs another. The prototype doesn't work and we decide to try the next design. We Solidworks and laser cut these as well.

Thursday- We work with the second prototype and then spend the rest of the day working with shaping foam for the feet, we also begin to work with the directional adhesives that we have poured. Hope to finish foot design by end of week.

Friday- Most f today was spent in meetings concerning stickybot and where we are planning to go with it. We have decided to not pursue the radical foot redesign that Matt and I were working on as it would make other sections of the robot more difficult.

Week 2 June 29 - July 3

Monday- Today we began redefining our summer goals and have spent most of the day designing a new test leg that we can use to test our theories as well as allow Sal to work on the software aspect.

Tuesday- Today we spent a large amount of time working on ProE and Solidworks CADding up the new designs.

Wednesday- Today we finished the design and laser cut out the plywood for pieces that we can use, and begin generating toolpaths in ProE to SDM the other parts.

Thursday- Today we finished the toolpaths and Sal and I made our first pour of Task 9 for the summer, we will let it set and then machine out sections and pour a more flexible material in that, squeegie that and then drill our final holes and shapes.

Friday- Today was a school-wide holiday.

Week 3 July 6- July 10

Monday- Today we machined out the second sections of the leg (the flexible Urethane) and then spent the rest of the day determining what material we plan to use for SB3. To do this we designed a test piece to test material stiffness. I made the machine paths and machined the wax block for this. We then went and purchased carbon fiber.

Tuesday- Today we did our third toolpaths on the test leg. Matt assembled this while I spent time working with ProE? to make Carbon fiber cutout files to impregnate into the urethane for strength tests.

Wednesday- Today I made toolpaths for Test Pieces for Noe and then the toolpaths for Allen's new ankle/hierarchy design. I then put them on the block and we sent them to the Haas to be cut out.

Thursday- Today we poured the material for Noe's and Allen's Part. We then put the carbon sheet in to make cutouts for stickybot. Unfortunately I forgot to adjust the speed for carbon fiber from wax and broke a 1/32 in endmill.

Friday- Today we had lab meeting, switched out the endmill, cut our carbon pieces and then I helped Allen to extract and begin looking at his new ankles

Monday and Tuesday, wednesday: Basically just manufacturing stickybot parts, and dealing with Pro-E problems. In down-time from stickybot operations, began design for sweet bdml gecko sdm glowing usb drives for the lab.

Thursday and Friday: While the Haas was down, I began working on Alexis' plane project. I made a prototype design for releasing the front claws while simultaneously engaging a rear claw. This method seems to work pretty well.

July 27- Monday: I was out of the lab sick Tuesday: Still Sick

Wednesday Morning: Tested out Matt's prototype plane and crashed it. Worked on using the flaps behind the propeller to get it to take of.

Thursday: Worked on take off, plane hit me, went to get stitches.

Friday: Realized old plane design wasn't great starting on new dual prop prototype for no torque steer.

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