-- EricKent - 11 Aug 2009

Weeks from May until 8/7/09 were occupied with:

  • Reading about my post-doc's prior research and the forerunner to this project - Rosie
  • Learning about our goals and purposes for RosieII?
  • Brainstorming ways in which to implement what we want, both in prototype and final stages
  • Researching off-the-shelf robot arms for our rough prototype and presenting to team
  • Brainstorming configurations of iMac plus arm
  • Brainstorming and attempting several methods of motorizing an iMac including:
    • Direct drive on rollerblade wheel
    • Wire wrapped around motor shaft
    • Cable around worm on motor shaft
  • Speccing out torques needed to move iMac and final neck head
  • Researching cost of Maxon motor/gearhead/encoders and presenting to team
  • Designing and CAD of motor mount brackets, rollerblade wheel mounts, and cable support assemblies for iMac
  • Using the HAAS to make above pieces
  • Brainstorming and prototyping how many degrees of freedom needed in final version of arm and neck
  • Building and installing off-the-shelf robot arm and accompanying software
  • Rigging off-the-shelf robot arm to be run through RC airplane controller
  • Determining form of packets sent of off-the-shelf robot arm over serial
  • Programming motions for off-the-shelf robot arm
  • Programming an applet to command off-the-shelf robot arm through interface of buttons
  • Discussing with team the best way for user to control final versions of arm and neck

Week of 8/10:

  • Used HAAS to make cable support assemblies for latest attempt to motorize iMac
  • Researched and found worm gears that can be used to increase friction between our cable and motor
  • Created a .dxf file for rough prototype shoulder assembly
  • LaserCAMMed? shoulder assembly
  • Presented my work so far to other SURIs at a lunch meeting
  • Attempted to salvage either the parts or mold (or both) from a bad batch of Task3 that didn't cure
  • More iMac puppeting videos
  • Broke up video files into clips for survey

Week of 8/17:

  • Remade mold for iMac flywheel parts, including a redesign that allowed for tensioning of cables
  • Poured Task9 with some black dye
  • Realized that the pouring took too long because bubbles hardened during the gassing process
  • Re-remade mold and repoured with less black dye (to maintain transparency). This time we used Jamba Juice cups and timed it well.
  • We still got a few bubbles in the parts, which were probably from the wax block degassing.

Week of 8/24:

  • Attached all parts to iMac, including stringing cables
  • Working til 2:30am trying to debug problems before the ICED workshop, but didn't get it working

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