This page refers to how to use the Digital JR3 currently installed on Darthsidious (near the Adept). It is on loan from Oussama Khatib's lab and subject to recall.

A JR3 is a force/torque sensor that can be used to record data at 10Khz. While there exists matlab and labview drivers, we currently have it running in QNX Operating System. To get to QNX, during computer bootup, hit F12 to enter boot Menu, then select "3. Primary Slave Drive." The next prompt will ask you which partition to boot up. By default, it will then boot up in QNX. Click on the icon "SuperUser". QNX will open a GUI. Under utilities, enter into a Terminal. This will give you a Command type window. Next, you will navigate to C:\home\ZhanFan\JR3. Run "./test " Various prompts will pop up that will tell you when recording will start. To stop, hit any key. A new .txt will appear. Unfortunately, we haven't setup the QNX OS to recognize network drives, so you'll have to transfer files by USB or email.

Note: All Moment data is off by a factor of 10. To get actual Moment data (units of N/m) , simply divide the Moment data by 10.

-- SamsonPhan - 31 Mar 2011

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