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What is "intellectual property" (IP) today? What was it then? How do we feel differently about it?

Brunelleschi and IP

  • Start with a reading from Prager and Scaglia p. 111 and p. 118. Then go to some of the links.
  • Prager and Scaglia (p. 67) mention that the key drawings in the Zibaldone (by Buonaccorso Ghiberti -- see p. 147) manuscript for BrunelleschiLightHoist arre of "secret character." The text is done as a cryptogram: " a code that replaces each letter by the preceding letter of the alphabet."
  • Similar reference in King (p. 145) "...sketched by L. Ghiberti's grandson Buonaccorso." "Filippo had probably also attempted to guard the secrets of the hoist, especially after his experience with Antonio di Ciaccheri." (These are mentioned on p. 144).
  • Why is it done as a cryptogram and why such a trivial one?
    "Evidently some labors hard to describe what to others, even then, was rather simple."

King (p 87) "The record shows that he used a great many artisans, evidently under a fully developed, preexisting master plan, and that he must have worked furiously for several months to keep these artisans in line and thereby produce his famous smoohtly operating machine."
[King] p. 92-97 -- talks about Brunelleschi's intense supervision of every aspect of the brick molding, laying, etc.

Prager and Scaglia(p109) " architect-engineer who developed the mechanical elements then available into a highly refined system. He controlled the building and working of this system with iron willpower and rigid secrecy. By this remarkable tour de force he contributed little to the progress of machinery but he contributed greatly to his personal success and that of his main work, the cupola."

Prager and Scaglia (p. 111) "We see him also as recipient of one of the first patents of monopoly ever granted to anyone."
Also Prager and Scaglia p. 112. Prager and Scaglia p. 116 -- Giovanni di Gherardo from Prato, called Acquettini vs Brunelleschi on the cupolar design and the Badalone.

King (p113) Major and minor guilds and the Parte Guelfa.

OTher links: Prager and Scaglia (111-123 from Cha 6: "Brunelleschi as Patentee and Inventor") Brunelleschi's Dome

Nice discussion also in AdamMonroeNotebook

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