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I recently have defended my Ph.D. and will start as a post-doc in September. My Ph.D. dissertation is titled "Exploiting Contact Dynamics to Grasp and Anchor in the Field", where I focus on enabling robotics systems to dynamically interact with their intended real-world environments, equipping them with the unprecedented capability of manipulation. I have been working on the following projects/areas.

  • Aerial Grasping and Manipulation

Designed, prototyped, and experimented with a passively triggered, lightweight, and fast-acting gripper to be used by drones for aerial grasping, enabling capture and control of another uncooperative drone in mid-flight.

  • ReachBot - Small Climbing Robot with Large Reach NASA

Developed a new concept for climbing robots that utilizes extendable arms to greatly increase the potential workspace. This concept is being actively developed and funded by NASA to explore Martian caves and lava tubes.

  • Gecko-inspired Adhesive Gripper for Space Applications

Built flight-qualified grippers for Astrobee, developed by NASA Ames, using gecko-inspired adhesives, allowing the Astrobees to perch on flat surfaces inside of the International Space Station (ISS).

  • Tadbot - Biomimetic Tadpole Robot

Designed a biomimetic tadpole robot that imitates the frequency and motion of an American poison frog tadpole to study the modes of communication between the tadpoles and adult frogs.


2022 IEEE IROS Best Paper Award on Robot Mechanisms and Design

2022 IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine Best Paper Award

2023 Living Machines #2 Best Poster Award


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Tony G. Chen, Ph.D. Candidate
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