About me

I am a 5th year PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford and went to Dartmouth College for undergrad. Outside of school, I love climbing and spending weekends in Yosemite. More about me can be found here and here.

Center for Design Research (Bldg. 560), Rm. 102
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Current Research

I am working on a project in collaboration with Intuitive Surgical Inc. on adding sensors to the end effectors of instruments for minimally invasive surgery. NOTE: I cannot mentor students on this project due to clearance requirements at Intuitive Surgical. I am more than happy to answer questions regarding research at Stanford.

Past projects

My most recent past project involved a collaboration with Dr. Peter Whitney at Northeastern and Dr. Bruce Daniel and Roger Goldman at Stanford Medicine. I am adapted Peter's hydrostatic transmission for improved MR-compatible needle insertion as a proof of concept device for transperineal needle insertion under MR guidance. This work is being continued by AlexGruebele? and SamFrishman.

In the BDML, I have been involved in Tactile sensing, shear sensor development, and the RDS Automated Drilling project presented at ICRA 2014. I was also involved in the stroke project, where I sought to determine the role of impaired sensory function in motor control and correlate results with standard clinical measures of gait, balance, and lower extremity function with the ultimate goal of designing interventions for augmented sensory function toward improving recovery of gait post-stroke.

I spent summer 2012 in Rwanda building a hydropower plant that introduced an affordable, renewable energy source to provide electricity to several neighboring villages. My undergrad research projects focused on biomedical design. My thesis examined failure modes of knee implants using FEA, and my senior design project created a method to sense infection in knee implants quickly and accurately enough to avoid costly total knee revision surgery.

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