Biomimetics and Dextrous Manipulation Lab


About Me

I am currently working on combining vision and touch for Reachbot, and after graduation I am interested in entrepreneurial robotics pursuits.

Previously, I worked on Tactile Sensing for a gripper using fiber Bragg gratings, tactile sensing for a gripper with Spines, and capacitive tactile sensing for an Oculus project. I took time off from the Ph.D. to work as an AI software engineer at Letterdrop, a Program Manager at, and a Product Manager at Everyday Robots, an X company. I am maintaining research notes here JuliaDiBlog. My Stanford academic page can be found here

Fun Facts

  • I did my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering at Columbia University.
  • Proudly first gen American
  • Also am an artist and published writer who's interested in intersection of art, tech, and robotics.
  • It's been a dream of mine to work on a public art installation and submit an art paper to SIGGRAPH.


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1 denotes equal contribution

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