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Raised in Southern California, I received a B.S. in M.E. from UCSB in 2019 and an M.S. in M.E. from Stanford in 2021, where I am continuing my studies in pursuit of a Ph.D.

Lake Snag: Lassen Volcanic National Park

It has been my goal in coursework and research to learn as much as I can about design methods, biomechanics, soft robotics, mechatronics, and controls. With these skills, I aim to design actuators, perception systems, and methodologies that will enable robots to enhance human wellbeing. I envision this being realized through facilitating the seamless integration of robotic and sensory systems into human-centric environments. I have worked on projects ranging from the design and analysis of synthetic, bio-inspired adhesives (Mussel-Inspired Adhesives) to stretch-insensitive, high coverage tactile sensors (Stretchable Tactile Sleeve) to the use of gecko-inspired adhesives and passive design principles that expand end-effector potential (Gecko Adhesive Gripper) to training neural networks to recognize types of human touch through distributed triaxial force information (coming soon to MobileManipulationPubs). I'm currently working on utilizing triaxial tactile sensors to improve manipulation potential in densely cluttered scenes such as the cabinets and refrigerators in our homes.

Outside of coursework and research, I love spending time on endurance sports, especially in the outdoors, and have recently become a bit obsessed with houseplants. I'm continually building up my collection of pseudo-necessary outdoor gear and trying to make space in my tiny on-campus apartment for new plants!



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