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2 Quarter RA funding for Variable Stiffness Actuators

Oct 2013: Sorry, position is filled

19 September 2013: Stanford BDML has an immediate opening for a talented research assistant for a project sponsored by Honda Research on Variable Stiffness Artificial Muscle Actuators.

The project will build upon previous results described in the following publication:

Design of Dielectric Electroactive Polymers for a Compact and Scalable Variable Stiffness Device (or Google "Dastoor variable stiffness").

The student will be working closely with Prof. Cutkosky and a postdoctoral research Nick Kohut. The position is presently funded for two quarters (Fall-Winter 2013-14) with 50% RAship (20 hours/week and 9 units tuition). There is some possibility of additional funding in the future.

Preference goes toward a candidate with strong prototyping skills and even a bit of craftsmanship. Additional useful background areas include basic sensing and controls, solid mechanics and some exposure to FEM.

If interested please send email to: bdml-webmanagement@lists.stanford.edu with your CV and a bit of background regarding the preferences listed above.

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