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Universal Robot Instructions

This page is intended to help new users of the UR5 get started. Instructions should include the following:

  1. How to program the UR5 through the touch panel.
  2. How to program the UR5 through sending commands through a separate computer using Ubuntu+ROS+C++
  3. How to install ROS Hydro in Ubuntu

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  1.   1.  Mike Lin notes
  2.   2.  Negin notes
  3.   3.  Stephanie notes
  4.   4.  Basic communications setup

1.  Mike Lin notes

You can access tutorial in view mode at this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sgp6DNzlewfDynjDy3r-UxFQb8APMyiNXMA3xi-NM6E/edit?usp=sharing Please e-mail Michael Lin (mlinyang@stanford.edu) or Jung Hwa Bae (jbae7@stanford.edu) for getting edit access.

2.  Negin notes

More notes from Negin Heravi based on her class project: Negins UR5 notes

3.  Stephanie notes

After going through Mike's installation and package setup, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sAlNAUusSIMiFG4EGddJjzn_IapnQp83jYSP4aQrACg/edit?usp=sharing

4.  Basic communications setup

You need an Ethernet cable between the UR5 and your computer. The following tutorial is useful to set up a static IP connection:

useful setup instructions: https://github.com/qian256/ur5_setup

You need to first boot up the UR5 using the Teach Pendant, calibrate it, and get into the Networking menu. Then set the IP numbers. For example, these should work:

  • For the computer, IP =
  • For the robot, IP=, netmask =, gateway & dns =
  • Hit 'Apply settings', don't hit 'Update' or it erases..
  • Trom Linux terminal ping and you should get a response. (Control C to kill).
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