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I still am unable to find the problem with the chips on the PCB, I have taken the normal steps to debug but I am worried I may have to go back and remove other chips in order to ensure that the later chips are working as intended. After debugging all day, the problem was only getting worse as the last chip was now not functioning at all as opposed to when it is the only chip on the board. As such, I decided to just continue ROS tutorials so that I did not continue to hit the same roadblock and make things worse.


After soldering on the fifth row, I ran into issues while soldering the sixth. It seems that only one chip at the end of the sixth row (chip 28) is not working and in some cases is causing the first chip of the row (chip 23) to stop working. I've tried removing and reattaching all of the chips in the row, isolating chips, etc. So far none of it has helped. I was not making any progress and I was still feeling quite tired from COVID isolation, so I went back to my room to rest and continue doing ROS tutorials as that was the next step after finishing the PCB, and I am still fuzzy on the details. I managed to complete all of the beginner tutorials and move through the intermediate as well.


I began working on resoldering the sensors back onto the PCB. After doing a completely fresh start as well as going back over every pad with solder wick to ensure any solder that may have been present was gone, the chips began to work as intended. I managed to solder on the first 4 rows without issue, at some points I had to go back and reattach some chips but ultimately they all worked.


This was my first day back after being out due to COVID for about 12 days. Over the time in isolation I worked with Dane on some literature review. I spent a lot of time looking into path planning, object recognition, and tactile sensing. I learned a lot about the purpose of research as a means of both gaining ideas, but also as making sure that an idea is novel.


While continuing to solder the sensors, I ran into a number of issues. As I went to solder the second row I was having issues in which the previous row of sensors had stopped working. As I removed sensors from the second row the first began to function again. Afterwards, however, the first chip that I soldered on with Hojung also stopped working. I decided to take a break and begin setting up the ROS software.


Hojung allowed me to solder a triaxial sensor onto the flexible PCB. It was admittedly extremely difficult and took a great amount of precision and patience, but ultimately I was able to solder the sensor on successfully.


Went on the lab retreat for the day! Had a great time hiking, freezing at the beach, grilling, and getting to know others through their goals and aspirations.


First day lab orientation, learning Wiki with Mark.

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