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Videos from previous years

RightClick (Control Click on Mac) to download and view. All are Quicktime .mov format:

  • Lego Chimney Crawlers from 2006 - Midterm project from 2006. Make a Lego crawler that goes up a vertical shaft with one wavy wall. This project was inspired by the attempt of a robot to climb a shaft in the Great Pyramid of Khufu. (The real robot got stuck!)
  • Slothbots from 2011 - Final project from 2011. Make a slothbot that crawls along a rope in the New Guinea Sculpture Garden at Stanford.
  • Elephant Seals from 2009 - Final project from 2009. Make an elephant seal that can crawl up a beach and defend its territory.
  • a couple Lemurbots from 2006 - Final project from 2006. Make a Lemurbot that can climb a board of pegs as handholds.

Background for Assignment 1:

  • Brunelleschi's machine -- Video shown on Wednesday of the story behind the machine designed by Filippo Brunelleschi in Florence in the 1400s to help him complete the cupola of the cathedral -- an amazing bit of Renaissance engineering with 3 speeds plus reverse!
  • For other quick "how it works" videos and other information see: Notes on Brunelleschi's hoist
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