Biomimetics and Dextrous Manipulation Lab


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We use Stanford's OpenEdX for online courses to store short tutorial videos and to receive numerical answers to some assignments. Unfortunately, this site is not integrated with CourseWork (where PDF materials are posted). To access the site:

  • Go to
  • Click on the tab to login (should be towards the top right).
  • If you don't already have an OpenEdx account, click on Register in the top right side and follow instructions for registration. (Note please use your email to register)
  • Check your Stanford email for an activation email from OpenEdX.
  • Follow the activation link, where you should be notified that your account has successfully been activated.
  • After activating your registration, you should see a page ( showing any courses for which you are registered, including ME112. (Note:You can visit your dashboard by following the link above or by clicking on your username in the upper right corner)
  • You can find ME112 directly at
  • After finding ME112, click on "View Course" . The videos and online assignments are under "Courseware" for the course.
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