Biomimetics and Dextrous Manipulation Lab


Location: CDR Bldg. 560 downstairs lobby
Time: Fridays, 3:00pm for Summer
Meetings are open to interested Stanford students

Fall 2019-20 meetings:

Friday @3:00pm

  • CS Robotics Seminar: CS529 Fridays 11:00 Skilling
  • BARS 2019 November 15 @ Berkeley
  • Susumu M. arrives ~Oct 10 for Honda

BDML group meeting schedule:

2019-09-27MarkFall Plans 
2019-10-04TonyResearch quals practice 
2019-10-11Sam+Ali+IleanaMRI user studies 
2019-10-18Jean Philippe + Sam + RachelUpdateswork in progress
2019-10-25Amar + ArulDirect indenting, machining updates 
2019-11-01Wilson + Rachel + DaneTRI and Ocean 1K + farmHand 
2019-11-08AmyElectrohaptic display 
2019-11-22Arulpredefense talk 
2019-12-06Ali + Ileanamitral valve &
2019-12-13Tae, Hojung, JuliaTactile updates 

Spring 2019 meetings:

Meeting time survey:

BDML group meeting schedule:

  • April 14 (Sunday) BDML hike to Berry Falls loop in Big Basin
2019-04-05MarkLab news + Prof Huichao Deng 
2019-04-12Tae, Amy, JooyeunSensing 
2019-04-19Amy & Arthurtactile display 
2019-04-26Ho Jung et alMore sensing 
2019-05-03CapellaCapella stuff 
2019-05-10AlexAlex stuff 
2019-05-17Arul, Tony, AmarGecko adhesive manufacturing 
2019-05-24Sam + AliLucas center things + Mitral valve 
2019-05-31Alex &sensors updates 
2019-06-07Wilson &hand updates 
2019-06-14Robert Ladigshort presentationmeeting at 1:30

Winter2019 meetings:

Meeting time survey:

BDML group meeting schedule:

2019-01-11MarkIntro + setup 
2019-01-18SamMR-guided + Mitral valve4-5pm
2019-01-22EveryoneLab Cleanup10:30am
2019-01-25CapellaHonda updates4-5pm
2019-02-01Amy + MarkEAP, texture display--
2019-02-08Alex + Stephanie +Wilson +RachelTRI stuff 
2019-02-15Tae + AlexSensing 
2019-02-22Will, Jun EnDESI updates 
2019-03-01ArulGecko manufacturing--
2019-03-08Capella + Amy + Hojung + ArthurGecko manufacturing + Gecko gripping + EAP--
2019-03-15Tony + AmarGecko adhesives and NASA--


2018-09-21Mark, Michele L.Robot & Frankceramic mold experiments
2018-09-28Natalie + TaePractice IROS talkstissue slip, adhesion contact
2018-10-05TonyNASA Gecko Perching Gripper 
2018-10-12WilsonSoft & Spiny Paws--
2018-10-19Amy Han + Marksoft gecko grippers & ...hands-on demos, brainstorming
2018-11-02Tae + SamBARS Poster Preview--
2018-11-09BARSat StanfordRemember to register!
2018-11-16Jin MaUpdates on Soft Spiny Hand--
2018-11-23--Thanks Giving Break--
2018-11-30Will R. Bird PerchingProf Fukuiresearch overview
2018-12-07SNU-Stanford Robotics Workshopat Bldg 550--
2018-12-14TRI review day and poster session--

Summer 2018

Possible dates for end summer backpack:

  • Some time between Sept 1-8 seems possible...
2018-06-22Mark, StephanieReview EPFL Kroc & compare to Stickybot controlSummerKickoff plans
2018-06-29Lab Cleanup 2 
2018-07-06Alex updates, Will updates?Mark EPFL picspaper 1 paper2 paper3
2018-07-13TaeNew multi-modal skin & integration
2018-07-20Capella & Sonaliplans
2018-07-27Wilson, FrancesSoft & spiny handsBBQ
2018-08-03Tony, MarcellaFlat perching gripper
2018-08-10MattPractice defense (Aug 20, 9am 550-200)
2018-08-17SURISURI poster previews
2018-08-20Matt Defense 9amBuilding 550-200
2018-08-24SURIposter sessions
2018-08-31Stephanie, Will, EllaPerching updates
2018-09-07RA-Letters (incl. Morgan)Deadline: Sept 10Backpacking Sept 5-9
2018-09-14ICRA previewsDeadline: Sept 15

Spring 2018

2018-04-06MarkIntro and setup for Spring
2018-04-13Tony, TaeForce, tactile sensor findings
2018-04-20MarkPreview of RoboSoft talk
2018-04-27Will R.claws & mechanisms
2018-05-04Stephanie, DrewSuperScampMark on RoboSoft2018
2018-05-11MattMatt summarizes everything
2018-05-18Wilson, Jin Marocky hands
2018-05-25Alex, SamUpdates needle stuff
2018-06-01Matt, Tony; Capella, Natalieflat space gripperadhesive transmission
2018-06-08Arul, Prof. Deborah GordonArul updatesant gripping!
2018-06-15 Lab cleanup!Part 110:00am until...

Winter 2018

2018-01-12MarkIntro and setup for Winter
2018-01-19Genliang; NatalieNew ideas; Tissue slip sensor update
2018-01-26CapellaHonda transmission
2018-02-02ChrisDefense practice
2018-02-09Matt, NeginNASA updates
2018-02-16SamHaptics Conf. updates
2018-02-23TaeTactile updates
2018-03-02WillPerching & ...
2018-03-09ArulArul updates
2018-03-16AmyAmy updates
2018-03-23Alex + Mark/Wilson/Stephanieactuators + Spinology!

Fall 2017-18

2017-09-29ArulJPL activities and soft robotics paper
2017-10-06Alex, SamQuals presentation practice
2017-10-13Tae + WilsonNew developments on grasping, tactile sensing
2017-10-20CapellaNew developments on micromolding
2017-10 27MichaelAR needle updates
2017-11-03Jung-HwaDefense practice
2017-11-10ChrisDefense practice
2017-11-17Bay Area Robotics Symposium @Berkeleyset up carpool
2017-11-29(Wednesday)NASA Review
2017-12-01Alessandro, Drew, WillPerching updates
2017-12-08Wilson + HannahSpinyHand updates and hand... stuff?

Summer 2017

BDML Lab meeting schedule

Currently: Fridays 11:00 am, CDR Bldg 560 downstairs.

2017-06-30Alessandro et al. + MattSuperScamp+FlyCroTugs 
2017-07-01tuttiLab Offsite Retreat(Sat.)
2017-07-07Sam & Matt & MarkICRA debrief & LM2017 stuff 
2017-07-14WillBird Stuff 
2017-07-21Michael and KatHoloLens Stuff 
25-28Living Machines 2017 
2017-08-04Alex and superSCAMP teamupdates on superSCAMP and long stroke diaphragm 
2017-08-11everybodyBDML hosts the MERL BBQ 
2017-08-18Matt, Negin, Taeupdates on sensing, space gripping 
2017-08-25SURIsposter previews 
26-28anybody interestedend of summer backpacking weekend 
2017-09-01SamTeleoperation updates
2017-09-08Amyupdates on haptics, gloves

Spring 2017

BDML Lab meeting schedule

Currently: Fridays 1:30 pm, CDR Bldg 560 downstairs.

2017-04-07WillQuals practice 
2017-04-14NatalieIROS submission - Slip Sensing 
2017-05-05Sam & ArulICRA practice 
2017-05-12HaoDefense practice 
2017-05-19Arul & Alessandrohighly anisotropic adhesion 
2017-05-26Jung Hwa, Amy, ChrisWorld Hapticsat 12pm
2017-05-26Hao's defense14:00 in 520/131 
2017-06-02HannahDefense practice 
2017-06-09ShiquanDefense practice 
2017-06-12Hannah's defense12:00 in Thornton 
2017-06-13Seok Kim10:00 in CDR 
2017-06-14Shiquan's defense14:00 in Bldg 520, 232 
2017-06-16Early Summer planning11:00 in CDR 
2017-06-19Ravi Balasubramanian10:00 in CDR 

Winter 2017

BDML Lab meeting schedule

Currently: Fridays 1:30 pm, CDR Bldg 560 downstairs.

2017-01-13Allkick off the winter 
2017-01-20Jung Hwa, Amy, Chris?World Haptics Paper? 
2017-01-27Chrishaptic wheel expts 
2017-02-03Will, Haothe future of perching... 
2017-02-07Mast visit  
2017-02-10Tae, Markthe future of tactile sensing... 
2017-02-17Arulhighly anisotropic adhesion 
2017-02-24Sam, Alex, Genliangnew needle stuff 
2017-03-03Hannahgentle suction flow in grasping 
2017-03-10Michael, Jung-Hwaaugmented reality needle 
2017-03-17HannahPractice Job Talk 

Fall 2016

BDML Lab meeting schedule

Currently: Fridays 10:30 AM, CDR Bldg 560 downstairs.

2016-9-30NatalieiMRI practice talk (please? :) 
2016-10-7ArulNext gen adhesive manufacturing 
2016-10-14WillVideos from Samoa, etc. 
2016-10-21Chris/ShiquanIROS debrief 
2016-10-28HaoSpace gripper updates 
2016-11-4HannahUnderH2O grasping 
2016-11-11ShiquanSpiny hands 
2016-11-18LabBay Area Robotics Symposium 
2016-11-25TurkeyGobble Gobble__
2016-12-2Jean-PhilippeTactile sensing for robotic manipulation 
2016-12-9Matt EstradaFlycroTugs video + Skype Q&A 

Summer 2016

BDML Lab meeting schedule

Currently: Fridays 10:30 AM, CDR Bldg 560 downstairs. (moved from 11:30 due to MERL BBQ schedule)

2016-6-17nobodyscheduling lab meetings 
2016-6-21BDMLMassive Lab Cleanup 
2016-6-22BDMLMassive Lab Reorg 
2016-6-24Michael/Joo YeunForceps + Holo Lens/UV Laser Sensor Stuff 
2016-6-25Lab RetreatSummer GoalsPortola Redwoods
2016-7-1WillAnimal Perching 
2016-7-8ArulAdhesives + Onshape Awesomeness 
2016-7-13R. Kramersoft robot sensors10:00@MERL 203
2016-7-15Hannah and VanessaHands stuff10:00@CDR
2016-7-22Shiquan + CapellaSpiny Hand + Dual-mode Adhesives 
2016-8-5Chris + AliceDriving Haptics + Adaptive Running Updates 
2016-8-5visitor: Idriss AberkaneEcon. and political implications of biomimetics11:30-12:00
2016-8-12MattFree Flyer Grasping Dynamics 
2016-8-19Jung Hwa + Intuitive Surgical Visit (15min)Needle Haptics 
2016-8-26SURI'sSummer Projects 
2016-9-9AlicePractice Defense 

Lab member's summer schedules (OOT)

  • Mark: 07/18-07/29 (last 2 weeks for July for Living Machines + Talk in Paris)
  • Prof. Michele: 07/23 onwards
  • Jung Hwa: 07/07-07/08 and 07/23-07/30
  • Hannah: 08/01-08/03, 09/10-09/25
  • Hao: 06/23 onwards for 5 weeks
  • Shiquan: 08/16 onwards for 4 weeks
  • Chris: 07/01-07/08
  • Arul: 08/18 onwards for 2 weeks
  • Michael: 07/10-07/20
  • Will: 07/22-08/08 (Samoa), 08/11-08/20 (Scotland)
  • Tyler: 06/22-06/26
  • Amy: 08/11-08/12, 09/19-09/23
  • Alex: 08/8-08/16

Spring 2016

2016-4-1TaePractice Quals 
2016-4-8MorganJob Talk 
2016-4-22MorganPractice Defense 
2016-4-29Alice + Dave + MattICRA Practice Talk 
2016-5-6HannahDebrief UnderH2O Hands 
2016-5-13ShiquanSpiky Hands 
2016-5-20Jung Hwa++Haptics Party, Part I 
2016-5-27Natalie++Haptics Party, Part II 
2016-6-3Alice/TaeFunctional Robot + ICRA Debrief 
2016-6-10MattSpace Grasping 

Winter 2016

2016-2-12HannahUnderH2O Hands 
2016-2-26AlicePractice Greenlight Talk 
2016-3-4NatalieMR-compatible haptics 
2016-3-11ArulAnisotropic Sticky Schtuff 
2016-3-18No Lab Meeting  

Fall 2015

Upcoming events

  • Oct. 23: Bay Area Robotics Symposium - registration free for students before Sept. 20.
  • Stanford Robotics Forum? - If this seminar is reinstated for 2015-16 the details will be linked here.

Fall 2015

BDML Lab meeting schedule

Currently: Fridays 12:30 pm, CDR Bldg 560 downstairs. Could change depending on peoples' course schedules.

2015-9-18Shiquan, Hao, HannahIROS Practice talks (12min) 
2015-9-25MorganSCAMP (Spine climbing) 
2015-10-2MattFree-flier gripping 
2015-10-9Hao, Hannah, AliceIROS Debrief 
2015-10-16ArulLies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (aka Robot Load Sharing) 
2015-10-23 Bay Area RoboticsSymposium@Berkeley
2015-10-30NatalieNew MR Project 
2015-11-06Guest Speaker: Tom LibbyInertial Appendages for Aerial Reorientation 
2015-11-13Variousupdates: haptics, spineslab cleanup!
2015-11-20HannahUnderwater Manipulation 
2015-11-27TurkeyHappy Thanksgiving! 
2015-12-04Alice/TaeuTug Adhesion Sensing/Adaptive Running 

Summer 2015

BDML Lab meeting schedule

Regular Summer 2015 Lab Meeting Schedule (Fri, 10:30 am , CDR Bldg 560 downstairs)
DateNameTopicSnack Club
2015-6-19ChrisSkin stretch for steering 
2015-6-26Aimy and AmyWind Tunnel and Living Machine 
2015-7-34th of July Weekend  
2015-7-10Hao and ShiquanSpines 
2015-7-17Atsuo, Eric, and AmyEAP Updates 
2015-7-31HaoSpace gripper 
2015-8-7Alice and TaeGround reaction force sensing 
2015-8-14Jung Hwa and ChrisNeedle Haptics 
2015-8-21ICRA practice and Ianperching, microtugs, shoe sensors! 
2015-8-28SURIshort previews of SURI poster session 
2015-9-11Shiquan/AliceSupera-Ped/IROS Practice 
2015-9-18IROS Practice  

Spring 2015

BDML Lab meeting schedule

Regular Spring 2015 Lab Meeting Schedule (Fri, 1:00 pm , Bldg 560 upstairs)
DateNameTopicSnack Club
2015-4-17Dave and ElliotTED Debrief 
2015-5-8Jung HwaSticking it in the MRI 
2015-5-22ICRA PrepI totally wrote my paper already 
2015-5-29Natalie and CaitlinNonmechnanical Stroke 
2015-6-5Alice and TaeLeg Sensors 
2015-6-12Hannah and ShiquanCompliant hand for underwater manipulation 

Winter 2015

BDML Lab meeting schedule

  • 1st lab meeting of winter: Friday 16 Jan. @14:30 in CDR Bldg. 560
Regular Winter 2015 Lab Meeting Schedule (Fri, 2:30 pm , Bldg 560 lobby)
DateNameTopicSnack Club
2015-1-16 (Fri)Caitlin & HaykShoes Stuff & Hayk's stuff 
2015-1-23AliceLearn git & BDML new repository system 
2015-1-30Morgan,Matt,A(i)my,EtcIROS rumblings 
2015-2-6MattHelpful tails in dynamic landings/Disjointed KlingOn updatesMorgan
2015-2-13EricDefense PracticeMatt
2015-2-20IROS HopefulsPublishable StuffEric
2015-2-27Chris,Jung Hwa,John, MatteoNeedle & haptic display & Manipulator, FarewellAlice
2015-3-6Morgan & AlicePre-MAST etcChris
2015-3-13A(i)myLiving MachinesHannah
2015-3-20HannahUnderwater suction for enhanced manipulation, and what's next!Aimy
  • Guest from SNU, Prof. Cho: Tuesday 13 Jan. @12:00

Fall 2014

BDML Lab meeting schedule

  • 1st lab meeting of fall: Thursday 25 Sept. @11:30 in CDR Bldg. 560
    • topics: ongoing ICRA paper preparations; end of summer debrief; meeting planning
  • 2nd lab meeting: Friday 3 Oct. @14:00 in CDR Bldg. 560
  • 3rd lab meeting: Friday 9 Oct. @14:00 in CDR Bldg. 560
  • Thereafter moving to Wednesdays @15:30:
Regular Fall 2014 Lab Meeting Schedule (Wed, 3:30 pm , Bldg 560 lobby)
DateNameTopicSnack Club
2014-10-10 (Fri)MorganPerching paper and New DirectionsAimy and Amy
2014-10-15ElliotClimbing GlovesMorgan
2014-10-17 (Fri)Robotics Symposium (see below)
2014-10-22AliceSensors LegsElliot
2014-10-29EricMicrowedge ModelingAlice
2014-11-05Arul+BuddyLiquid Metal Gripper+EAP modelingEric
2014-11-12Hannah N' HeatherGrasp ExperimentsArul
2014-11-19ChrisNeed for Speed VI: HapticsHannah
2014-11-26TurkeyMy lifeTurkey
2014-12-3Amy N' AimyFeathersChris

Robotics Seminars

Summer 2014

Spring 2014 Lab Meeting Schedule (Fri, 11:00 am , Bldg 560 lobby)
DateNameTopicSnack Club resume in fall...
2014-06-27Elliot and ArulThin film Gripping--
2014-07-11Dave N' AmyNeed for Speed IV: Gecko Adhesion--
2014-07-18MorganNeed for Speed V: Grippers roll-A-wing--
2014-07-25ChrisNeed for Speed VI: Haptics--
2014-08-01Hannah N' HeatherPreliminary Grasp Experiments--
2014-08-08Hao and MattSpace Gripper / Perching recovery--
2014-08-15Natalie N' CaitlinStroke-related-things...--
2014-08-22SURI's500 Days of Summer projects--
2014-09-05Variousperching & microbot updates--
2014-09-12WisitPreview of Wearable Sensing Techniques--
 Jung-HwaPreview of poster "teaser" for IROS--
2014-09-19variousdriving to Sonora Pass about now--

Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Lab Meeting Schedule (Fri, 11:00 am , Bldg560 lobby)
DateNameTopicSnack Club
2014-04-04MattKling-On: Quals resume in summer...
2014-04-11MorganMAST/Maryland debrief--
2014-04-18SanthiDefense Practice Talk--
2014-04-25Alice/DanICRA Practice Talk/popupCAD--
2014-05-02HannahICRA Practice Talk--
2014-05-09HaoICRA Practice Talk--
2014-05-16MattICRA Practice Talk--

Winter 2014

Winter 2014 Lab Meeting Schedule (Fri, 9:00 am , Bldg560 lobby)
DateNameTopicSnack Club
2014-01-09MorganJump Gliding--
2014-01-13WisitChina Update - Rehab/Smart Brace--
2014-01-24Junghwa/SanthiIROS - Needle 
2014-01-31Hao/ElliotIROS - Adhesive Gripper Design 
2014-02-28EricData Dump 
2014-03-07JunghwaNeedle Updates 
2014-03-14NikhilVariable Stiffness Actuator 

Fall 2013

Fall 2013 Lab Meeting Schedule (Fri, 1:00 pm , Bldg560 lobby)
DateNameTopicSnack Club
2013-09-27Santhi/Jung HwaManipulator/Needle UpdatesAki
2013-10-04MorganJump GlidingSanthi
2013-10-11NobodyGone to BerkeleyMorgan
2013-10-18ElliotClimbing / PerchingMorgan
2013-10-25Morgan/Nick?Landing Envelopes/Practice IROS?Elliot
2013-11-22Hao/MattGravity (the real movie)Hannah
2013-12-06Jung Hwa/SanthiNeedle UpdatesHao/Matt
2013-12-13AliceAltium TutorialJung Hwa/Santhi

Summer 2013

  • Mark is on sabbatical for the quarter but will usually be joining via Skype
Summer 2013 Lab Meeting Schedule (Fri, 10:30 am , Bldg560 lobby)
DateNameTopicSnack Club
2013-06-21EverybodySummer BBQ 
2013-06-28EverybodyLab Cleanup 
2013-07-05Morgan / HannahSpine Analysis / Finger updatePlan the Rest of the Summer
2013-07-12Shiquan/NickEAP/Palm Design?Hannah
2013-07-26Elliot/EricMore Gecko Data?Alice
2013-08-02AliceShear/Normal SensingElliot/Eric
2013-08-16HannahHand UpdatesMorgan (in absentia)
2013-08-23SURISummer Project PresentationsHannah
2013-09-13Honda lab tour  
2013-09-20AkiHuman Friendly Robot 

Spring 2013

  • Mark is on sabbatical for the quarter but will usually be joining via Skype
Spring 2013 Lab Meeting Schedule (Fri, 11 am , Bldg560 lobby)
DateNameTopicSnack Club
2013-04-05Morgan and Jung HwaCustom Quals Prep 
2013-04-12*Hannah, Morgan, AliceDynamics Quals Prep 
2013-04-19Morgan, ??Custom Quals Prep, ?? 
2013-04-26Eric, SanthiGecko Force Sensing & Cool Stuff from WHC 
2013-05-03DavidMicrorobot Inspection 
2013-05-17AliceSensors Update 
2013-05-24Chris P.Haptic Steering paper preview 
2013-05-31Eric, Matt, ElliotGecko results & perching 
2013-06-14Hao (15 min) / Nick (20 min)Modeling, Spines / Thesis Recap 

Winter 2013

  • 7 Jan. 2013: Until rescheduled, main BDML is Friday 12:00-13:00 in CDR Bldg. 560
    • Conflicts and other options can be discussed on the 11th
  • Mark is on sabbatical for the quarter but will usually be joining via Skype
Winter 2013 Lab Meeting Schedule (Fri, 12 pm , Bldg560 lobby)
DateNameTopicSnack Club
2013-01-11BarrettDefense Prep (for Jan 17) 
2013-01-18ShiquanWang + MarkCutkoskyHonda project and other updates 
2013-02-01HannahRed Sea Hand and Fingers 
2013-02-08AliceSensing Updates 
2013-02-15ChrisAutomotive Haptics 
2013-02-22Santhi & Jung HwaNeedle Haptics & MRI Integration 
2013-03-01Elliot and MattAdhesive Climbing 
2013-03-08Eric+Adhesives+ perching 
2013-03-22Hannah + MarkRed Sea Hand Update 

Research Cluster Meetings

Fall 2012

  • 26 Sept. 2012: Main BDML is Friday 12:00-13:00 in CDR Bldg. 560 for Fall 2012.
    • If people have conflicts we could possibly shift to either 11-12 or 1-2pm.
Fall 2012 Lab Meeting Schedule (Fri, 12 pm , Bldg560 lobby)
DateNameTopicSnack Club
2012-09-28EverybodyWhat are we doing? Clusters!Mark forgot ;-(
2012-10-5Dan AukesUnderactuated HandsMark
2012-10-12Santhi & Jung HwaForce-Sensing Needle CalibrationDan
2012-10-19Alice & JohnShear Sensor UpdateSanthi
2012-10-26Barrett & AlicePVDF sensor and RDS UpdateJohn/Alice
2012-11-2MorganJump-gliding, Perwling, Quadrotor MechBarrett & Alice?
2012-11-9Elliot, EricNew developmentsMorgan
2012-11-23None (Thanksgiving)Best ways to eat turkey---
2012-11-30Dan AukesDefense Prep 
 P. Garciaoverview new projects at SRI 
2012-12-7BarrettRoBio Practice (~20min) 
2012-12-14AllEnd quarter wrapup & plans 

Research Cluster Meetings

We have 6 focus areas: Hands, Sensing, Haptics, Needle, Perching, Adhesion. Assume one hour "group" time plus 1 hour on either side for a total of up to 4 individual half hour research status meetings = 3 hour blocks for Mark. Can people identified in the email please coordinate on a mutually agreeable time and fill in below? The following blocks of time are available:

Monday 9:00-12:00 - Hands (cluster meeting at 11)

  • 9:15 Dan Aukes
  • 10:30 Paul Karplus

Monday 3:00-6:00 (cluster meeting at 2 or 3 or 4?) 2pm has biweekly adhesion Telecon with JPL, so perhaps this is a good block for adhesion stuff? Eric has class 4:15, Dave (and maybe Elliot) at 5:15.

Wednesday 2:00-6:00 - Haptic Cluster (cluster meeting at 3 or 4)

  • 3:30 Chris
  • 4:00 Haptic Cluster
  • 5:00 Wisit

Thursday 9:00-12:00 - Needle Cluster(cluster meeting at 10)

  • 10:00 Needle Cluster
  • 10:30 Santhi

Friday 9:00-12:00 (cluster meeting at 10:30?) - Tentative skin/tactile sensing time.

  • 9:00 ???
  • 9:30 ???
  • 10:00 Barrett
  • 10:30 Alice
  • 11:00 Sensing Cluster

Friday 2:00-6:00 (cluster meeting at 3 or 4) - This time currently overlaps KAUST so may be ideal to put hands here?

  • 2:00 Morgan ?

Previous quarters...

Summer 2012: Note time change due to MERL BBQs. Also "Bagel Club" is suspended for summer

Summer 2012 Lab Meeting Schedule (Fri, 1 pm, Bldg560 lobby)
DateNameTopicBagel Club
2012-06-21Allshow us your prototypes!Hannah
2012-06-28Morgan+ForrestJumping & glidingMark
2012-07-6EricMicro surface measurement & implicationsMorgan
2012-07-13Elliot / TalAnklliot Design and ManufactureEric
2012-07-20Nikhil / JuliaADEPT, AR.drone / Perwling, Stickybot FUSION---
2012-07-27John & AliceShear Sensing & Realtime Stuff---
2012-08-3Dan / HannahFingers and flexures and simulation---
2012-08-10DaveTesting and COMSOL analysis for good joints---
2012-08-24Barrettsensor stuff---

Spring 2012 Lab Meeting Schedule (Fri, 12pm, Bldg560 lobby)
DateNameTopicBagel Club
2012-04-6everybodyspring quarter updates??
2012-04-13Group meeting (12:00) followed by...Sean Humbert Sensorimotor Control at Insect Scales, 1:00pmPeterson 126
2012-04-20SanjayNew Stuff??
2012-05-04Eric & ElliotZman & related??
2012-05-18JohnShear Sensing??
2012-05-25AlexisNew Stuff??
2012-06-01Alexis defense at 8:00, Clark S304; F Conti defense 12:00, Gates104
2012-06-01Sanjay defense at 9:00, (where)
2012-06-14Lab summer kickoff!

Winter 2012 Lab Meeting Schedule (Fri, 11am, Bldg560 lobby)
DateNameTopicBagel Club
2012-01-11No OneStart of the Quarter???
2012-01-20DavidOpen ManufacturingDan DO NOT FORGET
2012-01-27DanHand Design and Underactuated Grasping???
EPAMs ICRA updateDan
2012-02-24Sanjay+hopper update and...Alexis
2012-03-02BarrettHRI presentationSanjay
2012-03-09JohnDynamic and shear sensingBarrett (mark gone)
2012-03-16DanThe coolest hand everJohn


Fall 2011 Lab Meeting Schedule (Wed, 1pm, Bldg560 lobby)
DateNameTopicBagel Club
Oct 5BarrettGrasping and Slip Detection??
Oct 12SanjayVariable impedance devicesBarrett
Oct 19AlexisICRA perchingSanjay
Oct 26Danunder-actuated handsAlexis
Nov 2Daveresonant accelerometersDan
Nov 9Noenumerical analysis of wedgesDave
Nov 16Elliot Noe
Nov 23No meeting (Thanksgiving)Tryptophan as an effective anesthetic 
Nov 30SamsonDefense PracticeElliot
Dec 7Paul Samson
Dec 14  Paul

Other events

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