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Biomimetics and Dextrous Manipulation Lab


Location: CDR Bldg. 560 downstairs lobby. Meetings are open to interested students and visitors.

Spring 2020 meetings:

Fridays @5:00pm Pacific Time (to be confirmed) -- all meetings are online for spring quarter until further notice.

2020-04-10EverybodySpring Updates 
2020-04-17Jun EnQuad-rotor stuffnotes
2020-05-01Alex & Samhydraulic grippernotes
2020-05-08Ali and IleanaMock QualsQuals date: May 14th
2020-05-15TaePractice Defensenotes
2020-05-22Michael & Rachel & AkiraTRI & Sony/grasp acquisition/controlsnotes
2020-05-29Dane & WilsonTRI manipulation/hardware/controlsnotes
2020-06-05Tony & JuliaSpinesnotes

Winter 2020 meetings:

Friday @1:30pm (to be confirmed)

BDML group meeting schedule:

2020-01-10MarkWinter Plans 
2020-01-17Alex, AndrewTactile updates 
2020-01-24Sam Michael etc. +AlexTRI status & updates+ uspines
2020-01-31Wilson, Rachel, DaneOcean 1K 
2020-02-07Jun En, Will, KennethDESI stuff 
2020-02-14Tony, Jun En, KennthReachbot + FlyCroTugTeams 
2020-02-21Tae, HojungTactile updates 
2020-02-28Wilson, DaneFarmHand & TRI updates 
2020-03-06Sam, Ali, Ileanamedical robotics updates 
2020-03-13Capella & Amarmold updates & 

Fall 2019-20 meetings:

Friday @3:00pm

  • CS Robotics Seminar: CS529 Fridays 11:00 Skilling
  • BARS 2019 November 15 @ Berkeley
  • Susumu M. arrives ~Oct 10 for Honda

BDML group meeting schedule:

2019-09-27MarkFall Plans 
2019-10-04TonyResearch quals practice 
2019-10-11Sam+Ali+IleanaMRI user studies 
2019-10-18Jean Philippe + Sam + RachelUpdateswork in progress
2019-10-25Amar + ArulDirect indenting, machining updates 
2019-11-01Wilson + Rachel + DaneTRI and Ocean 1K + farmHand 
2019-11-08AmyElectrohaptic display 
2019-11-22Arulpredefense talk 
2019-12-06Ali + Ileanamitral valve &
2019-12-13Tae, Hojung, JuliaTactile updates 

Spring 2019 meetings:

Meeting time survey: https://www.when2meet.com/?7414906-15icd%%

BDML group meeting schedule:

  • April 14 (Sunday) BDML hike to Berry Falls loop in Big Basin
2019-04-05MarkLab news + Prof Huichao Deng 
2019-04-12Tae, Amy, JooyeunSensing 
2019-04-19Amy & Arthurtactile display 
2019-04-26Ho Jung et alMore sensing 
2019-05-03CapellaCapella stuff 
2019-05-10AlexAlex stuff 
2019-05-17Arul, Tony, AmarGecko adhesive manufacturing 
2019-05-24Sam + AliLucas center things + Mitral valve 
2019-05-31Alex &sensors updates 
2019-06-07Wilson &hand updates 
2019-06-14Robert Ladigshort presentationmeeting at 1:30
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