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Shots from Barcelona conference. From top left to bottom right: (1) View from Parc Guell (2) statue at the Joan Miro museum (3) Montserrat (4) funicular at Montserrat (5) Pam at Parc Guell (6) interior courtyard, la Pedrera (7) exterior, la Pedrera (where the conference was) (8) chimneys, la Pedrera (9) staircase la Pedrera (10) statue and courtyard, la Pedrera (11) Shrewbot (12) Shrewbot whiskers

Guel1 Miro Montserrat Montserrat car Pam at Guel2 Pedrera1 pedrera2 pedrera3 pedrera4 pedrera5 shrewbot1 shrewbot2
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