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Here are some of the needs finding questions:

(For developers)

  • When designing a robot, say a hand, what do you consider as the most desired tactile quantity and what purpose does it serve?
  • How do you quantify the data from the sensors and what value range can you get from each?
  • If cost were not an issue, would that change your implementation/approach? If so why?
  • What possible applications/environment do you envision the robot to be in?
  • What are some things about Human-Robot interaction you would like to know more about?

(For points of inspiration)

  • How often is there physical interaction with patients in your role?
  • How do you perceive the patient's reaction when you use instrumental touch (purpose driven) vs. an affective touch (just spontaneous comforting touch)?
  • Where on the body do you have physical contact and where do you avoid?
  • Before and during contact do you give any cues to the patient (verbal/physical) that tells them you are approaching them?
  • Do you feel having a verbal conversation before contact helps relax the patient?
  • If you were to find a replacement for yourself down the road, what sort of characteristics should they have?

(For End Users)

  • What is your vision of a perfect helper?
  • How would you use a robot?
  • Describe a perfect day with a robot
  • Would you be more comfortable knowing someone is controlling the robot or if it ran on its own?
  • What kind of position role do you envision this robot to hold?

Some Responses (paraphrased):

  • Depth sensors/thermal sensors are useful to tell where the patient are
  • There is facial recognition software and body (torso) searching methods that can perhaps guide a robot to the patient
  • Video camera based research can tell when say a patient has fallen down
  • Skin sensors are useful on a gripper/end effector to measure the force it applies on an object
  • Not necessary if say holding tools or disabling bombs and not very useful for collision detection
  • Have a glove that you place on the robotic hand to reduce number of wires
  • Vision is very effective for the robot
  • Would have the robot do laundry and cook
  • Would prefer the robot to reply to all emails to free up my time to do other things
  • Would have the robot act on my command and tell it what to do
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